Self-Study Creating Notes Referring Lectures YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Self-Study Creating Notes Referring Lectures

Self-Study and Making Notes

Is There Any Substitute to Reading?

  • Helps in reading comprehension
  • Develops thoughts
  • Builds opinion
  • Diversifies views
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Simply watching videos won՚t help
  • There is an exam preparation holiday before exams in school – why? Not to watch videos but for self-study. Nor there are extra classes a day before exam.
  • Strengthens your writing skills
  • Enhances your imagination and thoughts

Underline Book or Create Notes?

Whether to Underline the Book or Create Notes

  • Subject is what matters – maths/Science – it՚s all about practice
  • Rote learning sections – no point preparing notes
  • Writing keeps you alert – monotonous lecture vs an engaging interaction

Refer Notes of Others or Create Your Own Notes?

  • Condense information
  • Write yourselves
  • Mind maps
  • Include examples
  • Refer multiple sources
  • Structure the notes
  • Shorthand writing
  • Diagrams
  • Color codes

Best Time to Prepare Notes

What is the best time to prepare notes – close to exam or in being of session?

Videos – when to Watch? Or Attend Live Lectures

  • Value addition
  • Helps in retention
  • Helps in associative memory
  • Animation & graphics aid learning
  • Views are constricted and restricted
  • Limited approach

✍ Manishika