Video Lectures and Visual Learning: Introduction, Strengths of Visual Learners, Visual Learning Strategies for Teachers

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  • The focus of visual learning is on what one can see.
  • Visual learning explores the learning process making it more attractive and innovative for the learners.
  • Parts of visual learning:
    • Anything that is looked at
    • Watched
  • Nearly 65 % of the people are visual learners.

Strengths of Visual Learners

Strengths of Visual Learners

Teachers Can Use Visual Learning Strategies

  • Images, diagrams, and videos can be used.
  • Whenever there is any group project, visual learners can be grouped which in turn can help in harnessing their strengths.
  • Using colours into presentations and assignment.
  • Reflection time should be allowed so that learners can visualize their work.
  • Written instructions should be given for assignments.
  • Ample time should be given for reading which will allow the learners to study things in a better way.
  • Written feedback should be provided on assignments.


  • Involves vast concepts that needs to be covered before sitting in exams such as JEE or NEET.
  • Visual learning helps in enhancing ones grasp on the concepts.
  • The explanation of concepts through animations and graphical presentations is very helpful.
  • The best part of learning concepts through lectures is that within short span of time many several concepts can be covered that too in an elaborative manner.
  • Tabs, Mobile Phones are quite handy and portable. Hence a student or a learner can easily learn and revise the concepts through lectures no matter where he/she is.
  • There are so many EdTech channels on social media such as Examrace on YouTube that cover all the important concepts of Physics in a simple way that can be retained for a long time.


  • Learning concepts through video presentations makes the concept flow into one՚s mind.
  • The concepts can be retained for a long time through visual presentations.
  • Also, the important lectures can be shared and saved in the playlist for future references.
  • Going through the visual concepts 2 - 3 times makes it more and more clear.
  • At the sametime learners can improve their skills such as using Equation Editor for Mathematical equations, Creating shapes in Power Point Presentations, etc.
  • A number of EdTech channels on social media platforms have covered several concepts on Maths that are extremely useful not only for Matriculation or Intermediate Level but also from Olympiad perspective.
  • Availability of practice tests and Real Exam Online Tests further make learning easier and fruitful.

Graphic Organizers Improve Student Performance

Graphic Organizers Improves Student Performance

Some Other Advantage of Video Lectures

Some Other Advantage of Video Lectures

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