Value Time

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Routine activities are classified as: Crises-Important & urgent, Planning-crucial but not urgent & entertainment-not crucial & urgent.

Entertainment is required for mental relaxation but the time allotted to it should be limited. Delegation is work that you can get it done from others. Planning aims to organize things properly. In case of lack of proper planning, task entrusted to you may not be completed on time & it turns into crises. When time falls short of this stage, we allocate it to entertainment. This is all a time game.

‘Time & Tide waits for none’ Time that is gone can never be brought back.

Here is a short story of fisherman who went to a river in a forest, for fishing. After many trials he did not get anything and decided to stay back and repeatedly tried to catch the fish. Finally he caught a bag full of stones in teh net and got very irriated. Then he started throwing the stones into the river one-by-one. In the mild sunlight he realized that those where not ordinary stoes but precious stones. The bag was half empty now and if he regrets he will get nothing and cannot get the stones that are already in the water.

Time is like the priceless stone. Dont waste time and keep working. At last its not the years in life but life in years that counts.

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