Verbal Learning Techniques

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How Can You Learn Verbally?

  • Find synonyms for all words to strengthen your verbal skills.
  • Scratch your head to find the word youีšre looking for, while thinking.
  • Speak if the word sounds odd to your ear, even if you understand the meaning.
  • Help others to spell the word correctly.
  • Find out one word substitute for phrases.
  • Talk with others to improve your verbal skills.
  • Try to recall words later, after learning it once.

Learning Techniques

  • Make the most of the word-based techniques like assertions and scripting.
  • Mnemonics are your friends for recalling lists of words. Play with them.
  • Writing down the information can be useful to recollect words.
  • Try techniques that involve speaking and writing.
  • Recording and re-recording your voice and listening to it helps you find your faults and improve upon it.
  • Read aloud the content to vary your pitch and improve your pronunciations.
  • Role-plays help you to learn verbal exchanges like negotiations or calls.

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