Visual Learning Techniques

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How Can You Learn Visually?

  • Make a habit to look at things differently.
  • You will observe that with a changed vision, things work out well for you.
  • However sometimes you are not able to visualize a picture of the situation.
  • Drawing a diagram or map provides you ease for visualization.
  • Looking situations with a different perspective altogether changes the meaning of situation for you.
  • Remembering faces of people you meet should be a pre-condition, as it is useful and shows your awareness of remaining in the present.

Learning Techniques

  • Use color, layout, and space to organize your ideas, facts and information.
  • To help other person understand and visualize what you say, use ‘visual words’ in your assertions.
  • Use mind maps to visually outline your information. Use color and pictures in place of text, wherever possible.
  • Systems diagrams can also help you visualize the links between parts of a system.
  • Use color to highlight major and minor links so that it catches the eye of a reader.
  • The visual journey or story technique helps you memorize content that isn՚t easy to ‘see.’
  • You can use peg words to memorize and recall the content easily and often.
  • Behavior change can also be done with the help of visualization.

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