Preparation Tips for MAT Exam 2022

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  • Plan a study routine in advance, allotting time for each subject. This will help to systematically study each subject.
  • Sample questions papers solve that is gives an idea about the topics, the standard expected, and the skills required.
  • Practice and solve problems extensively.
  • Apply conventional method first, start applying short cut to improve speed.
  • Memories tables, common cube roots and square roots, conversion from percent to fraction.
  • The more you read different articles the more it will help in comprehension section.
  • The section on data analysis & sufficiency and intelligence & critical reasoning. These are more tricky than difficult.
  • Go through the sample papers carefully and makes notes for your better preparation.
  • Regular practice will make you confident in subjects and help to quickly solve problems.
  • Improve your General knowledge. The Indian and global environment section test your general awareness.
  • Read daily basis newspaper and magazines.
  • First solve papers subject wise, maintaining time limit. There after solve full paper to see if you can finish in time. Although speed is an important factor, accuracy is also important.
  • Be confident and clam. Nervousness can spoil your preparation.