NIFT Book List 2020

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Solved Higher Level Problems in Mathematics (Totally NBHM Based) 2nd Edition - Gaurav Mittal and Kanika – Buy from

NBHM MSc previous year's solved paper - Rajendra Dubey – Buy from

NBHM Ph.D. Mathematics 15 Previous Year's solved papers - Rajendra Dubey – Buy from

Mathematics CSIR/UGC NET-JRF previous years topic wise solved questions - Gaurav Mittal, Kanika – Buy from

Paperback – 1 January 2018 - Dr AP SINGH – Buy from

CSIR NET Mathematics Solution Book | Volume-1 (Pure Mathematics) | 17 Solved Papers 2011-2019 - Rajendra Dubey - Buy from

A new approach to TIFR GS mathematics [ pack of 4 books ] new edition with topic wise analysis +20 model solved papers+ previous year solution notes books spiral-bound - Sourav Sir's Classes - Buy from