Past Year Paper Analysis for the NBHM 2022

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It is very important to see the previous years question papers of NBHM. It is because that the pattern of the exam and the levels of questions are almost same each year. Sometimes questions are repeated as it is. The syllabus of the exam is not given explicitly, so it will help us to get an idea about syllabus also. It covers the topics of Analysis & Algebra.

  • In 2018 Paper there was three parts to this test: Algebra, Analysis and Miscellaneous. Each part consists of 10 questions adding up to 30 questions in all.
    • In 1st section of Algebra the question was of Polynomials, Binary operations, Matrix, homomorphisms, Groups Algebra, etc
    • In 2nd section of Analysis the Question was asked of Series, Matric Spaces, maxima minima, Differential Function, Polar coordination, etc.
    • In 3rd section of Miscellaneous the questions was asked regarding non – empty set, subsets, minimum maximum, Real value functions, etc.
  • In 2019 the paper was like of two types: (a) short answer question OR SAQ, in which you are asked to come up
  • with the answer yourself (no options are provided) , and (b) multiple choice question OR MCQ,
  • In which you are asked to choose from among four options that are listed.
  • The questions are arranged randomly. They are not sorted by topic, or by type, or by level of difficulty.
  • About the answers: In response to either type of question (SAQ/MCQ) , you are required to fill in only