NBHM Syllabus 2021

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The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) undertakes various activities to identify and nurture talent among students, supports studies at various levels through scholarships and fellowships, etc. NBHM also has a series of programs to train students in mathematics.

NBHM usually Conducted twice a year, to discuss its programs and various proposals received from its board members as well as from mathematicians all over the country. It has six sub-committees, namely the Research Program = s Committee, the University Programs Committee, the Mathematics Olympiad Programs Committee, Nurture Program = s Committee, Examinations Committee, and Library Grants Committee.

NBHM grants postdoctoral fellowships, Ph. D. scholarships, M. A. /M. Sc. scholarships for research/education in mathematics.

There will be 3 sections question;

  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Geometric
    • Section A: Algebra
      • Polynomial՚s
      • Abstract algebra
        • Binary operations
        • Sets theory
      • Matrix Theory
      • Rings and Fields
      • Groups Algebra
    • Section B: Analysis
      • Real Analysis
        • Sequence and limits
        • Series
        • Matric Spaces
      • Functional Analysis
        • Maxima and minima
        • Continues function
        • Defining a function
        • Differential function
      • Complex Analysis
        • Poles and Residues
        • Polar coordinates
    • Section C: Geometric
      • Algebraic geometry
        • Cartesian coordinates
        • Polar coordinates
      • Plane algebraic curves
        • Cubic curves
        • Lines
        • Circles
        • 3d Shapes
        • Ellipse
        • Elliptical curves
        • Etc.

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