About NDA Exam in India

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The National Defense Academy situated in Pune is the common ground for training the three wings of Indian Defense namely Army, Navy as well as Air Force.


The National Defense Academy is situated in south-west of Pune City and north-west of Khadakwasla Lake on around 7015 acres of land, out of the total 8022 acres. Pune was being chosen as the training site because of many beneficial reasons like Healthy climatic conditions, suitability of terrain for military training, proximity to the Arabian Sea, existence of an operational airfield at Lohegaon, vicinity of military establishments and the presence of a lake nearby, because of a combined training centre and the ‘mock’ landing ship, HMS Angostura on the north bank of the Khadakwasla lake all helped Pune to became the best site for the Academy.

Course Structure

NDA is the core foundation for a career in the Indian military services.

Training as well as education program has a 4 year time period. In the initial three years cover courses in all subjects for a University Degree plus the basic training of basic military sciences. After the successful completion of the three years the cadet gets a University Degree. The final year puts more emphasise on the specialization into the particular branch of the Indian military services that a cadet desires to join. Army cadets go to the IMA at Dehra Dun, Air Force cadets to the flying training establishments in Hyderabad and the Naval cadets for Midshipman training to the Training Ships.


The procedure of Admission to the NDA is organised twice in a year with the help of an entrance examination, which will be taken in every six months by the UPSC. Candidates who got selected from the competitive exam, they are called for a multiple-round interviews covering physiological and group testing and also a thorough medical examination.

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