How to Crack NDA in 2 Months

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UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) will conduct the NDA examination this year around 2021. The eligible students can fill the forms till around June 2021 and get themselves enrolled for their first step towards Army, Navy and Air Force of India. UPSC conducts the exam twice every year and those who clear this written exam are selected for the next round of test with service selection board.

This roughly leaves just 60 days on your side. These two months are the best time for preparation as you must have gone through all the subjects for your recent examinations. Cracking NDA exam needs attention and knowledge in equal ratios as the clock keeps ticking while you are thinking or you are writing. Here are some basic steps to follow if you wish to crack the NDA exam in two months,

# Understand the Pattern

National Defence Academy՚s written examination has a fixed pattern and learning the same solves half of the problem. The test is divided into two sections, Mathematics and General Ability. The first section has 300 maximum marks and a limited duration of 150 minutes. These minutes are given in order to solve 120 questions that carry 2.5 marks each. A wrong answer brings (subtracts actually) -0.83 marks while unanswered stays neutral at all times. This gives you just 1.25 minutes (75 seconds) for one question.

Second part is further divided into English and General Knowledge section. Every question here carries 4 marks and a total of 150 questions are asked here. 50 are from English while rest 100 are divided in the following ratio.

Physics – 25 questions (100 marks)

Chemistry – 15 questions (60 marks)

General Science – 10 questions (40 marks)

Social Studies – 20 questions (80 marks)

Geography – 20 questions (80 marks)

Current Events – 10 questions (40 marks)

Every wrong answer subtracts 1.33 marks from you total marks. Here, you only have 1 minute per question, making things even more difficult that before. Understanding this pattern can help you prepare in a better way for NDA examination.

# Learn Time Management

Time management is the only key to success in the NDA exam. 270 questions and just 300 minutes means you need to know which part to do first and which at the last. Figuring out your strongest part can help you save more time for the toughest part. Suppose, you have a good hold on physics but chemistry is not that strong, you should consider finishing the first lesser time in order to save more time for physics. 5 minutes saved in the first section could add up more time to difficult ones.

Going through those questions which need a derivation take more time and these should be kept for the end. Attempting the sure shot answers first will inspire confidence and help you maintain the speed to reach all questions on time. If you are going good, taking a risk and marking a suspicious answer would be a wrong step at that moment.

# Find Required Study Material

As right ammunition helps an army win the war with ease, going with the right books can help you secure better score in the NDA examination. First, going through the NCERT books for better understanding of the concept is suggested. It should be used for reference in cases where you are unable to understand the question or situation explained in the question. Pathfinder for NDA Examination is the most popular book for preparation while one can even refer to online books from other publishers. Study material can even be sourced from various audio books.

# Clear Your Basics

Clearing doubts on the basic principles of various subjects could help you clear NDA with ease. Majority of the questions have shuffled values and all new situations which require your basic knowledge of the concept. Know how things work as remembering a formula and deriving a formula has a lot of difference when compared to each other.

# Find a Professional Crash Course

Professional courses that vary from four to six weeks are the best way to get you brushed for NDA. They will deal in those queries that have appeared for the most times, giving you an everyday dose of NDA thrill in the institution itself. One can choose between morning and evening classes, getting more time for self study in those 60 days.

Those who clear the first round will need to appear for SSB test and interview. It is considered as one of the toughest rounds of examination of India, rejecting students with even a single mistake during their appearance. Having more than 60 days on your side, try your best to get through this first level of examination for a bright future. Do let us know if you have some other tips to follow during these two months in the comment section below.

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