NDA Preparation Tips

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  • The Course is very extensive, so regular study of around 2 − 3 hours is very important. Course is being categorised into small chapters and a well study plan will surely bring success.
  • Examrace NDA series is the best resource for preparing Maths and English Comprehension.
  • Previous years question papers can be effectively used to understand the pattern of the exam and the crucial topics to shorten the course.
  • For the Social Science (History, Geography, etc) part, class 6,7, 8 must be given just a rough reading; class 9th & 10th books will cover all the aspects with additional information to those of class 6th , 7th & 8th .
  • Reading monthly magazine of 2 − 3 months prior to the date of exam will be helpful.
  • Mathematics questions will consume time in solving, Hence proper time management must be kept in mind because its general scenario that candidates are unable to finish the questions those are so easy. So, while writing the exam be aware of the easy questions, in order to solve more questions.
  • All India Merit will include the marks of your written exam also, so studying hard & getting good marks is the only way for you to get good merit rank.
  • Negative marking is also there so avoid writing the wrong answers, only tick that option on which you are sure. I will say if you avoid guesses, it will help you.
  • Maintain speed with the time, lower down the stress level and keep calm. In the last five minutes of the exam, tick all your responses in one go in the OMR Sheet. Proper focus must be there on leaving the space if you have not solved a particular question.
  • Science i.e.. . Physics & Chemistry will be easy for those having these subjects but just a revision of their NCERT will be enough. Flxiprep is the best website for NCERT based resources
  • English will plays a crucial role in enhancing your marks. So its study along with other subjects is essential. Thorough understanding of PARTS OF SPEECH will help you do well in finding the errors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Sir I am very weak in english concept .so please provide me proper guidance about english portion in nda exam

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    1 Answer

    For improving english you must practice at https://www.examrace.com/NDA/NDA-FlexiPrep-Program/

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  • How should I prepare for NDA general knowledge?

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    1 Answer

    You must be in touch with regular updates by reading The Hindu newspaper, one monthly magazine and Spectrum series booklets.

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