Terms and conditions to join NDA and NA

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Before joining the Academy, a candidate need to agree in written terms that-

  • He is not entitled to any compensation for injuries suffered in the training process or for any complications (like deformity) or even death caused during the treatment for any injuries.
  • If the candidate is dismissed, discharged or withdrawn from the commission because of his actions he will be liable to refund the whole or such portion of the cost of tuition, food, clothing and pay & allowances received.

Cost of Training

Cost of training will cover accommodation, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment will be incurred by the Government.

Parents or guardians of cadets be required to meet their pocket and other private expenses.

If in any case a cadet's parents or guardian is unable to meet wholly or partly even this expenditure, financial help upto Rs. 175.00 pm may be granted by the Government.

Eligibility for the grant depends upon the parent's or guardian's income. Income must not be more than Rs. 1500/-per month (Rs. 2000/-per month if more than one son/ward undergoing training at NDA, IMA, OTA and corresponding training establishment in the Navy and Air Force)

Application for financial assistance should be submitted (after the final selection) through the District Magistrate of his District who will forward the application with his recommendation to the Commandant, National Defence Academy, Pune.

Monetary Deposit: Candidates who are finally selected for training at the Academy will need to deposit the following amount on arrival:

Pocket allowance for 5 months at Rs. 400.00 pm: Rs. 2000.00

For items of clothing and equipment: Rs. 3200.00

Incidental Expenditure during 1st Semester: Rs. 425.00

Total: Rs. 5625.00

Refundable Amount: Out of the above mentioned amount the amount stated below is refundable to the candidate if financial help is sanctioned.

Pocket allowance for 5 months at Rs. 400.00 pm: Rs. 2000.00

For items of clothing and equipment approximately: Rs. 475.00

Preliminary Examination

Ultimately when the selected candidates join the Academy, a preliminary examination will be held in the subjects stated below:

English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi.

Level of the examination in the subjects (English, Science and Maths) will not be higher than that of the Higher Secondary Examination of an Indian University or Board of Higher Secondary Education.

Hindi Paper examination aimed to test the level of the candidate at the time of joining the Academy.


Preliminary Training i.e.. Academic as well as physical is for a time period of 3 years.

Training for the first 2.5 years is common to the three wings.

When the three years get over, the cadets on passing the requirements will be awarded B. Sc./B. Sc (Computer)/B. A. Degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

In the final year the cadets have specialized trainings:

Army Cadets go to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), DehraDun.

Naval Cadets to the Cadets Training ship

Air Force cadets to AFA, Hyderabad

At the IMA Army Cadets are known as Gentlemen Cadets. On completion of training (1 year) Gentlemen Cadets are granted Permanent Commission in the rank of Lt. Who are medically fit in “SHAPE” one.

Naval cadets will be selected for the branches of Executive, Engineering and Electrical of the Navy.

For the initial 6 months cadets will be exposed to sea training on the Cadet Training ship. On completion of which they are promoted to the rank of Midshipmen.

For next 6 months the cadets are trained in desired branches, then they are placed and promoted to the rank of acting Lieutenants.

Air Force Cadets receive flying training for a period of 1.5 years.

At the end of 1st year of training, they are given provisional commission in the rank of Flying Officer.

After completion of further training of 6 months they are then consider as permanent commissioned officers on probation for a time period of one year.

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