Basic Social Science Questions for NDA

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1. Which of the Following text is/are not associated with Rajaram Mohan Roy

1. Tuhfat-ul-Mujahiddin

2. Precepts of Jeasus

3. Tarabodhini

4. Vetal Panchvinshati


a) 1 & 2

b) 2 &3

c) Only 4

d) 3 & 4

2. Which one pair is not correctly matched

a) Swami Vivekanand — Narendra Nath

b) Dayanand Saraswati — Mulshankar

c) Ramkrishna Paramhans — Birjanand

d) Swami Shradhanand – Munshiram

3. Which one pair is not correctly matched:

a) Bahavi Movement — Sayad Ahmad

b) Ahmadiya Movement - Sir Saiyad Ahmad Khan

c) Aligarh Movement — Chirag Ali, Altaf Husain Ali.

d) Devband Movement — Nanautvi and Gangotri

4. ‘Baraheem -E-Ahamadiya’ was written by

a) Gulam Ahmad

b) Chirag Ali

c) Sir Sayyad Ahamad Khan

d) Sayyad Ah mad Baralavi

5. Which one pair is correctly matched:

a) Charles Wood Dispatch 1854 — Magnacarta of Education

b) Hunter Commission 1882 - Indian University Act

c) Verdha Plan 1937 — Three years Graduation Course

d) Sadler Commission 191 7 - 19 child free education for 6 to 11 years children

6. First ‘Director General of Education’ during British Rule.

a) Macalley

b) Auckland

c) H. W. Orange

d) Lord Curzon

7. First ‘Printing Press’ was established in India by

a) Portuguese in 1 557

b) British East India Co. 1 684

c) Denmark in 1763

d) Dutch in 1764

8. which one governor General of India was known as liberator of Indian Press

a) Adams

b) Metcalfe

c) Lytton

d) Ripon

9. First Session of INC. 1885 participated 72 members. In this group mostly related to

1. Lawyers

2. Landlords

3. Peasants

4. Traders


a) 1 &2

b) Only 3

c) 1,2 and 4

d) 1 &4

10. Which one of the following Acts of British India Strengthened the Viceroy՚s authority over his executive council by substituting ‘portfolio’ of departmental system for corporate functioning.

a) Indian Council Act 1861

b) Government of India Act 1858

c) Indian Council Act 1892

d) Government of India Act 1935

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