Eligibility Criteria for NEET PG 2021

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  1. Candidates who are in possession of MBBS degree/Provisional Pass Certificate recognised as per the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 and possess permanent/provisional registration certificate of MBBS qualification issued by the Medical Council of India and those who have completed internship or those who are expecting to complete it by March 31 are eligible to take the examination.
  2. Candidates if found to be ineligible at any stage of NEET-PG exam will not be allowed to take the test. And in case his result has been declared positive, it can be cancelled.
  3. Requests for appearing in NEET-PG from candidates completing internship after 31st March 2013 or having qualifications that are not recognized shall be summarily rejected and will not be entertained. Hence they are advised not to ask regarding the same. They are not permitted to take the test or participate in any activity/event of NEET-PG exam.
  4. Registration and/or appearance in NEET-PG does not guarantee the admission at medical institute/college or MD/MS or PG Diploma programme.
  5. Eligibility for pursuing MD/MS/PG Diploma shall be as per the rules, regulations and guidelines of respective universities/medical institutions.
  6. The dates indicated by candidates with regard to12 months Compulsory Rotating Resident Internship i.e.. . Starting date, completion date, shall be considered final and candidates will be required to submit the original Compulsory Rotating Resident Internship completion certificate at the time of counseling.
  7. The cut off dates for the recognition of the Medical Colleges, from where the candidates have passed their MBBS Degree Course and completed compulsory rotatory Internship for the year 2012 will be as prescribed by MCI and only those colleges will be considered. Other colleges who are not recognized by MCI will not be eligible.
  8. Registration with MCI/State Medical Council/is necessary and its documentary proof should be furnished at the time of counseling.
  9. There are some Universities/institutions which have laid down such regulations as that candidates who are currently pursuing the PG Course in their University or in another University should not appear for the test until completion of the course. The candidates who are already pursuing PG Courses either through All India Quota or State Quota and are applying for a seat under All India Quota should initially confirm such regulations laid down, if any. NBE/MCC/MoHFW shall not be responsible if such candidates are refused for admission. Inspite of the regulations, if the candidate wishes to take the exam, he may choose to change subject and the college at his own risk and cost.

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