Examination Day Know How for NEET PG 2022

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  1. Candidates will be lead to their respective computer screens at the centre by the Test Centre Administrator (TCA) after ID and biometrics of candidates are checked and verified.
  2. Candidates have to carry along with them their admit card and photo identification at all times during the conduct of examination.
  3. Candidates need not carry any stationery material with them to the centre. They will be provided with the pencils, eraser and rough paper.
  4. Before starting the test, candidates must listen to the instructions given by TCA.
  5. During the test, candidate may use the rough paper to do the rough work.
  6. Each workstation i.e.. . The area of you and your computer screen will be covered three sides-front, left and right. You are advised not to look beyond your area at other candidates as there will be surveillance cameras that record both audio and video.
  7. Any suspicious or disruptive behavior done by you will lead to cancellation of candidature.
  8. You may raise your hand to get the attention of TCA if you face any problem or difficulty during the test.
  9. In case of any disruption, rest assured that a registered candidate will get to test again within the testing/examination window.
  10. The rough papers that you have used in the exam must be returned to the TCA after the test before leaving the exam hall. If you are caught taking them out of the hall, it will lead to disqualification.

Identity Requirements

  1. Reporting to Center
    1. The candidates should arrive at the time atated in the admit card at the test centre on the scheduled date. Arrival on time will help all the procedure of security checks, identity verification and checking in for examination to proceed cordially.
    2. Candidates are required to bring a printed copy of their Admit Card with an attested photo attached, as well as their original and a photocopy (to be retained by the test centre) of their permanent or provisional MCI/State Medical Council registration certificate bearing their photograph. These documents have to be valid. i.e. … Not expired. No Photocopies of the above IDs will be allowed. Candidates outside of India who do not have SMC/MCI registration should bring their original screening test pass certificate issued on the NBE letterhead. If the original MCI/SMC registration is not present, or if it does not contain a photo, or if it ′ s expired, then an additional photo ID, any one of the following stated below will need to be presented.
      1. Passport or
      2. PAN Card or
      3. Voters ′ ID card or
      4. Driving License or
      5. Aadhar Card
    3. Candidates without valid ID proof shall not be allowed to enter the examination premises.
  2. Security: Candidates are advised not to get any of their personal belongings to the exam hall. Their cooperation is expected when fingerprints of them will be taken to avoid any cases of impersonation. This is a security feature which will also ensure that only genuine and bonafide candidate appear for the exam and allowed to join an institute for training.