NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 10 for 2022

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1. Which bacteria acts upon and glycine and GABA in cns?

a. Clostridium tetani

b. Clostridium botulinum

c. clostridium welchi

d. cornybacterium diphtheria

Answer: a

2. Which bacteria ascends the neurons to cause cns infection?

a. clostridium tetani

Answer: a

3. Which of the following drugs should be used carefully along with ziduvidine for the fear of bone marrow depression?

a. gancyclovir

b. rimantidine

c. zanamavir

Answer: a

4. What is the mechanism of action of rimantadine in influenza?

a. uncoating of viral cell

b. inhibits proteins synthesis

c. inhibits DNA

Answer: a

5. Which is incorrect about dermatomyositis?

a. mechanics hands

b. gottrons patches

c. periungual telangectesia

Answer: A/B/C are seen in dermatomyositis

6. What is the difference between apoptosis and necrosis?

a. plamsa membrance intact

b. loss of blood supply

c. mitochondrial permeability

Answer: a

7. A diagram given about pedal pressures in 3 conditions plus normal in standing … walking and then standing …

1. normal standing 130 mmof Hg … walking falls to maximum … and then rises

2. walking pedal pressures increases than 130 mmof hg in one condition

3. walking pedal pressure falls minimal in one condition

4. walking pedal pressure falls moderately but less than normal in once condition. .

a. 1. normal 2. obstruction 3. post thrombosis 4. varicose veins A

b. 1. normal 2. post thrombosis 3. obstruction 4. varicose veins

c. 1. normal 2. varicose veins 3. post thrombosis 4. obstruction

d. 1. normal 2. post thrombosis 3. varicose veins 4. Obstruction

Answer: a

8. A diagram of Glomerulus is given and asked about 3 conditions

1. post streptococcal glomerulonephritis

2. IgA nephropathy

3. membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis

9. A diagram of cell given with various sites of action of drugs on HIV … protease inhibitors, fusion inhibitors, reverse transcriptase inhibitors were options in the question?

10. A diabetic patient with high aniongap (values given) has pH 7.3 pco2 24 , Hco3 14 … is suffering from …

a. metabolic acidosis

b. uncompestated metabolic acidosis

c. compensated meatabolic acidosis

Answer: c

11 . A diagram given with pco2 on x axis and hydrogen ion concentration of y axis … and questioned about various acid-base disorders?

12. Which of the following doesn՚t include systemic inflammatory response syndrome?

a. WBC <>

b. Resp rate > 30/min

c. Heart rate > 90/min

d. presence of metamyelocytes

Answer: d

13. Which of the following is not done for rhabdomyolysis?

a. urine acidification

b. osmotic diuresis

c. calcium infusion

d. haemodialysis

Answer: a

14. Which of the following doesn՚t cause pseudo bulbar palsy?

a. cerebral vasculitis

b. motor neuron disease


15. Which of the following is definitely associated with broncho pleural fistula?

a. pneumothorax

b. empyema

c. abscess

d. pleural effusion

Answer: a

16. Which of the following doesn՚t have intestinal Pathology?

a. abetalipoproteinemia

b. agammaglobinemia

Answer: b

17. Which of the following is not seen in Acute intermittent porphyria?

a. abdominal pain

b. photosenstivity

Answer: b

18. Bilious vomitting without food particles seen after gastrectomy surgery is due to?

a. duodenal stump disruption

b. afferent loop syndrome

c. gastric outlet obstruction

d. dumping syndrome

Answer: a

19. Plane of the whipples resection diagram is given …

a. plane involving gallbladder, some part of stomach , , duodenum (oblique)

b. plane running vertically to stomach

c. plane transversly through jejunum

Answer: a

20. Nerve injured in the fracture of the shaft of the humerus?

a. ulnar nerve

b. radial nerve

c. median nerve

d. anterior interosseus nerve

Answer: b

21. A diagram of legs of a child given and asked about the condition of the patients who suffers from painful lesion on legs …

a. erythema nodosum

b. erythema multiforme

c. erythema chronicam migrans

d. erythema marginatum

Answer: a

22. Which of the following in not done for a 70 year old patient with sepsis and anuria with high respiratory rate?

a. I. V fluids of 2 - 3 litres bolus

b. monoclonal antibody to TNF

c. Mechanical ventilation

d. Antibiotics

Answer: a

23. Which of the following stage of taenia solium is infective stage to pig?

a. eggs

b. cyst

c. inverted scolex

d. everted scolex proglottids

Answer: b

24. Which of the following organisms infect reticuloendothelial cells?

a. Histoplama

b. coccidiomycosis

c. candida

d. Cryptococcus

Answer: a

25. A diagram of india ink preparation of a HIV patient?

a. cryptococcus

b. candida

Answer: a