NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 11 for 2019

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1: All of the following infections are acquired by consumption of shell fish except ?

a. Norwalk virus

b. Hepatitis a virus

c. Vibrio parahemolyticus

d. Adenovirus

Answer: d

2. All of the following are used in lysis centrifugation technique except ?

a. saponin

b. polyprophylene glycol

c. sodium polyanethanol sulphonate

d. palmitic acid

Answer: d

3: Which of the following stain is specific for dermatiaceous fungi ?

a. mayer’s mucicarmine stain

b. hematoxylin and eosin stain

c. masson-fontana silver stain

d. gridley’s fungal stain

Answer: c

4: Whipple’s disease causative agent ?

trophyrema whippeli

Answer: a

5: In HIV positive patients to prevent Cryptococcus neoformans infection the following drug is used for prophylaxis ?

Answer: fluconazole.

6: The organism causing cellulitis in fish mongers ?

a. pasteurella multocida

b. capnocytophaga canimorsus

c. eikenella corrodens

d. erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

Answer: d

7: The humanized CD 33 antibody linked to calicheamicin ( a potent anti tumor antibiotic ) called as GEMTUZUMAB OZOGAMICIN is used in the treatment of which leukemia ?

a. AML

b. ALL

c. CML

d. CLL

Answer: a

8: Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction occurs due to incompatibility in which antigen system?

a. duffy antigen

b. kidd antigen

c. p system

d. lewis system

Answer: b

9: The normal level of plasma fibrinogen ?

  1. 150 – 400 mg/dl

  2. 250 – 300 mg/dl

Answer: a

10: The vitamin supplement used to treat maple syrup urine disease ?

a. vitamin C

b. thiamine

c. riboflavin

d. niacin

Answer: b

11: The aminoacids used in the synthesis of creatinine and creatine are ?

  1. glycine and arginine

  2. glycine and uracil

Answer: b

12: Pulsating tumor is ?

a. osteosarcoma

b. chondrosarcoma

c. ewing’s sarcoma

d. osteoclastoma

Answer: a

13: Most common organism causing meningitis in a 1 year old child in India is ?

a. streptococcus pneumoniae

b. hemophilus influenza

c. listeria

d. neisseria meningitides

Answer: b

14: Urine has sweaty feet odour in which condition ?

a. alkaptonuria

b. cystinuria

c. glutaric acidemia

d. tyrosinemia

Answer: c

15: Which is the part of the vertebral canal that will show secondary curves with concavity backwards ?

a. cervical

b. thoracic

c. sacral

d. coccyx .

Answer: a

16: Aspiration of sperms from testes is done in ?





Answer: a

17: Highest transmission of hepatitis B from mother to fetus occurs if the mother is infected during which of these

a. first trimester

b. second trimester

c. third trimester

d. at the time of implantation

Answer: c

18: Bishops score includes all except

a. dilatation

b. effacement

c. station of the presenting part

d. interspinous diameter

Answer: d

19: Granulocytopenia, gingival hyperplasia and facial hirsutism are all possible side effects of one of the following drugs

a. phenytoin

b. valproate

c. carbamazepine

d. phenobarbitone

Answer: a

20: Entropy in a biological system does not increase because

a. it is an open system

b. it is a closed system

c. it is governed by vitalism

d. it is related to thermodynamics

Answer: a

21: Hemorrhage secondary to heparin administration can be corrected by administration of

a. vitamin k

b. whole blood

c. protamine

d. ascorbic acid

Answer: c

22: All of the following are selective beta blockers except

a. atenolol

b. esmolol

c. bisprolol

d. celiprolol

Answer: d

23: Codex alimentarius is the food standard at ?

a. state level

b. regional level

c. national level

d. international level

Answer: d