NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 11 for 2021

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1: All of the following infections are acquired by consumption of shell fish except?

a. Norwalk virus

b. Hepatitis a virus

c. Vibrio parahemolyticus

d. Adenovirus

Answer: d

2. All of the following are used in lysis centrifugation technique except?

a. saponin

b. polyprophylene glycol

c. sodium polyanethanol sulphonate

d. palmitic acid

Answer: d

3: Which of the following stain is specific for dermatiaceous fungi?

a. mayer՚s mucicarmine stain

b. hematoxylin and eosin stain

c. masson-fontana silver stain

d. gridley՚s fungal stain

Answer: c

4: Whipple՚s disease causative agent?

  1. trophyrema whippeli

Answer: a

5: In HIV positive patients to prevent Cryptococcus neoformans infection the following drug is used for prophylaxis?

Answer: fluconazole.

6: The organism causing cellulitis in fish mongers?

a. pasteurella multocida

b. capnocytophaga canimorsus

c. eikenella corrodens

d. erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

Answer: d

7: The humanized CD 33 antibody linked to calicheamicin (a potent anti tumor antibiotic) called as GEMTUZUMAB OZOGAMICIN is used in the treatment of which leukemia?

a. AML

b. ALL

c. CML

d. CLL

Answer: a

8: Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction occurs due to incompatibility in which antigen system?

a. duffy antigen

b. kidd antigen

c. p system

d. lewis system

Answer: b

9: The normal level of plasma fibrinogen?

  1. 150 – 400 mg/dl
  2. 250 – 300 mg/dl

Answer: a

10: The vitamin supplement used to treat maple syrup urine disease?

a. vitamin C

b. thiamine

c. riboflavin

d. niacin

Answer: b

11: The aminoacids used in the synthesis of creatinine and creatine are?

  1. glycine and arginine
  2. glycine and uracil

Answer: b

12: Pulsating tumor is?

a. osteosarcoma

b. chondrosarcoma

c. ewing՚s sarcoma

d. osteoclastoma

Answer: a

13: Most common organism causing meningitis in a 1 year old child in India is?

a. streptococcus pneumoniae

b. hemophilus influenza

c. listeria

d. neisseria meningitides

Answer: b

14: Urine has sweaty feet odour in which condition?

a. alkaptonuria

b. cystinuria

c. glutaric acidemia

d. tyrosinemia

Answer: c

15: Which is the part of the vertebral canal that will show secondary curves with concavity backwards?

a. cervical

b. thoracic

c. sacral

d. coccyx .

Answer: a

16: Aspiration of sperms from testes is done in?





Answer: a

17: Highest transmission of hepatitis B from mother to fetus occurs if the mother is infected during which of these

a. first trimester

b. second trimester

c. third trimester

d. at the time of implantation

Answer: c

18: Bishops score includes all except

a. dilatation

b. effacement

c. station of the presenting part

d. interspinous diameter

Answer: d

19: Granulocytopenia, gingival hyperplasia and facial hirsutism are all possible side effects of one of the following drugs

a. phenytoin

b. valproate

c. carbamazepine

d. phenobarbitone

Answer: a

20: Entropy in a biological system does not increase because

a. it is an open system

b. it is a closed system

c. it is governed by vitalism

d. it is related to thermodynamics

Answer: a

21: Hemorrhage secondary to heparin administration can be corrected by administration of

a. vitamin k

b. whole blood

c. protamine

d. ascorbic acid

Answer: c

22: All of the following are selective beta blockers except

a. atenolol

b. esmolol

c. bisprolol

d. celiprolol

Answer: d

23: Codex alimentarius is the food standard at?

a. state level

b. regional level

c. national level

d. international level

Answer: d

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