NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 12 for 2021

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1. What is TESA?

testicular sperm aspiration

Answer: a

2. The limiting amino acid in wheat is?

lysine and threonine

Answer: a

3: A 25 year old woman with recurrent episodes of headaches, sweating and hypertension is noted to have elevated vanilylmandelic acid (VMA) and metanephrines. CT scan reveals no abnormalities in either adrenal gland . which of the following is the most probable location of the pheochromocytoma?

a. bladder

b. bifurcation of aorta

c. paravertebral ganglia

d. carotid body

Answer: b

4. Which one of the following is a permanent spatial group?

a. crowd

b. mob

c. herd

d. band

Answer: d

5. A five year old boy has multiple asymptomatic oval and circular faintly hypopigmented macules with fine scaling on his face. The most probable clinical diagnosis?

a. ptyriasis versicolor

b. indeterminate leprosy

c. ptyriasis alba

d. acrofacial vitiligo

Answer: c

6. The composition of MALA – N and MALA – D

Answer: norgestrol 0.3 mg and ethinyl estradiol 0.03 mg

7: MIRENA is a T shaped IUCD which releases ________ micrograms of ________?

Answer: 20 micrograms of levonorgestrel .

8. Delirium tremens is characterized by confusion associated with

a. autonomic hyperactivity and tremors

b. trichotillomania

c. kleptomania

d. capgras syndrome

Answer: a

9. An anaesthetist orders an attendant to bring the oxygen cylinder . He will ask the attendant to identify the correct cylinder by following which color code?

a. black cylinder with white shoulders

Answer: a

10. Extensive pleural thickening and calcification especially involving the diaphragmatic pleura are classical features of

a. coal workers pneumoconises

b. asbestosis

c. silicosis

d. siderosis

answer: b

11. A positive tuberculin test, with a firm 15 mm diameter dark red firm area of induration on the forearm appears 60 hrs following injection of the PPD. This finding is most likely to be a consequence of which of the following types of hypersensitivity reaction?

a. type 1 hypersensitivity

b. type 2 hypersensitivity

c. type 3 hypersensitivity

d. type 4 hypersensitivity

Answer: d

12. Which of the following does not handle free radicals in lens?

a. vitamin A

b. vitamin C

c. vitamin E

d. catalase

Answer: a

13: hyaluronic acid is found in

a. vitreous humor

b. synovial fluid

c. cartilage

d. cornea

Answer: a

14. Which of the following is true of judicial hanging

a. knot is present behind the neck

b. knot is at the side of the neck

c. ligature always presents below the chin

d. choice of hangman

Answer: c

15. A person presents with acute poisoning, with clinical picture of chills and rigors similar to malaria. Which is the most likely poisoning?

a. mercury

b. zinc

c. red phosphorus

d. arsenic

Answer: b

16. Brain is preserved in all of the following poisonings except

a. OPC poisoning

b. Alkaloid poisoning

c. Heavy metal poisoning

d. Volatile organic poisoning

Answer: c

17. Cytosolic cytochrome C plays an important role in?

a. apoptosis

b. cell necrosis

c. electron transport chain

d. cell division

Answer: a

18. Sexual asphyxia is associated with which one of the following

a. masochism

b. sadism

c. fetishism

d. voyeurism

Answer: a

19. Post-transplant lymphoma occurs due to proliferation of which of the following cells?

a. T cell

b. B cell

c. NK cell

d. Monocyte

Answer: b

20. NK cells attack which of the following cells?

a. MHC cells which express MHC 1

b. Cells which are not able to express MHC 1

c. MHC cells which express MHC 2

d. Cells which are not able to express MHC 2

Answer: b

21. Which is autosomal dominant?

a. gyrate atrophy

b. best disease

c. Lawrence moon biedl syndrome

d. Bassen kornweig disease

Answer: b

22. Treatment of choice for glue ear?

a. myringotomy with ventilation tube insertion

Answer: a

23. All the following are contraindicated in pregnancy except?

a. sodium nitroprusside

b. labetalol

c. spironolactone

d. ACE inhibitors

Answer: b

24. The following drug is not useful in MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) ?

a. cefaclor

b. cotrimoxazole

c. ciprofloxacin

d. vancomycin

Answer: a

25. Northern blot is used for the separation of?

a. m RNA

b. DNA

c. Protein

d. Protein DNA interaction

Answer: a

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