NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 13 for 2021

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1. CAP in lac operon is an example of?

a. positive regulator

b. negative regulator

c. constitutive expression

d. attenuation

Answer: a

2.6 year old child with recurrent URTI with mouth breathing and impaired hearing . Treatment is?

a. adenoidectomy with grommet insertion

Answer: a

3. Most common cause of blindness in children in India is all except?

a. malnutrition

b. opthalmia neonatorum

c. glaucoma

d. congenital dacryocystitis

Answer: d

4. The nucleus involved in papez circuit is?

a. pulvinar

b. intralaminar

c. VPL nucleus

d. Anterior nucleus

Answer: d

5. The processing of short term memory and long term memory is done in which part of brain?

a. hippocampus

b. amygdala

Answer: a

6. These mechanism of learning and memory includes all except?

a. increasing or decreasing neurotransmitter release

b. increasing receptor synthesis

c. recruitment by multiplication of neurons

d. spatial organization of the associational areas

Answer: c

7. Tot secreted in the kidney is?

a. rennin

b. angiotensin 1

c. erythropoietin

d. 1,25 DHCC

Answer: b

8. If a stab wound lacerates the posterior humeral circumflex artery passing through the quadrangular space on the shoulder region, which of the following nerves might be injured?

a. axillary nerve

Answer: a

9. Which of the following ligaments is important in preventing forward displacement of the femur on the tibia when the weight bearing knee is flexed?

a. posterior cruciate ligament prevents anterior displacement of femur on tibia

Answer: a

10. A 21 year old woman comes to the emergency department with chylothorax due to rupture of the thoracic duct. Lymphatic drainage remains normal in which of the following areas?

a. left thorax

b. right thorax

c. left abdomen

d. right pelvis

Answer: b

11. If the urethra is torn distal to the urogenital diaphragm , urine might accumulate in the?

a. retropubic space

b. medial aspect of thigh

c. ischiorectal fossa

d. superficial perineal space

Answer: d

12. Parasympathetic fibres that supply the urinary bladder are derived from which of the following nerves?

a. pelvic splanchnic nerve

Answer: a

13. General somatic afferents (GSA) fibres are contained in which of the following structures

a. sympathetic trunk

b. dorsal root

c. greater splanchnic nerve

d. gray rami communicates

Answer: b

14. A lesion of parasympathetic fibres in the vagus nerve interferes with glandular secretory or smooth muscle functions in which of the following organs

a. bladder

b. transverse colon

c. sigmoid colon

d. prostate gland

Answer: b

15. Aver activity of the thiazide sensitive NaCl transporter is called as

a. dent՚s disease

b. gordon՚s syndrome

c. liddle syndrome

d. gitelman՚s syndrome

Answer: b

16. Most important marker for acute and chronic malnutrition is?

a. weight for height

b. BMI

c. Weight for age

d. Height for age

Answer: c

17. The following is the first phenotypic expression of hereditary hemochromatosis?

a. post prandial increase in iron

b. increased serum ferritin

c. increase in transferrin saturation

d. slate like skin pigmentation

Answer: c

18. The mechanism of action of imatinib?

a. competitive inhibitor of the bcr abl gene product

b. P glycoprotein inhibitor

c. P glycoprotein stimulator

d. Competitively antagonizes the ATP binding site

Answer: d

20. The following statement is true regarding AIDS associated arthropathy?

a. involves smaller joints

b. erosive arthritis

c. NSAID s are the drug of choice

d. Lasts 6 weeks to 6 months

Answer: d

21. All of the following produce diphtheria toxin except?

a. corynebacterium diphtheriae

b. corynebacterium ulcerans

c. corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis

d. corynebacterium pseudodipthericum

Answer: d

21. Dienes phenomenon is seen in?

a. proteus

b. mycoplasma

c. Chlamydia

d. Rickettsia

Answer: a

22. A patient with conjugated hyperbilirubinemia was diagnosed to have an inherited disorder of bile cancalicular function . His serum gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT) levels were elevated . What could be the probable diagnosis?


b. Rotors syndrome

c. PFIC 2

d. PFIC 3

Answer: d

24. The following CD antigen regulates Ig E synthesis?

a. CD 23

b. CD 22

c. CD 21

d. CD 20

Answer: a

24. The complement component H deficiency predisposes to?

a. pyogenic infections

b. neisseria infection

c. Hemolytic uremic syndrome

d. Immune complex syndromes

Answer: c

25. Asialoglycoprotein receptor is the auto antigen in which auto immune disorder?

a. auto immune hepatitis

b. myasthenia gravis

c. auto immune gastritis

d. acquired hypoparathyroidism

Answer: a

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