NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 14 for 2021

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The recommended therapy for vancomycin resistant enterococcal infection ?

a. ampicillin plus gentamicin

Answer: a

2. Drug of choice for prophylaxis of bacterial infection in a patient undergoing colorectal surgery (clean contaminated) includes all except?

a. cefoxitin

b. oral neomycin

c. erythromycin

d. fluoroquinolones

Answer: d

3. Which bone tumor occurs in epiphysis?

a. osteoclastoma

b. ewing՚s sarcoma

c. chondro-myxoid fibroma

d. osteosarcoma

Answer: a

4. Regarding S4 which of the follwing statement is true

a. ventricular filling

b. rapid ejection phase

c. can be heard with human ear

d. frequency more than 20 hertz

Answer: a

5. Most common force involved in fractures of the spine

a. flexion

b. extension

c. rotation

d. compression

Answer: a

6. Mechanism of violence in burst fracture of spine

a. compression violence

b. flexion violence

c. extension violence

d. distraction violence

Answer: a

7. Most common mode of treatment of a 1 year old child with asthma?

a. inhaled short acting beta 2 agonist with MDI

b. oral short acting theophylline

c. oral ketotifen

d. inhaled short acting beta 2 agonist with spacer , mask and MDI

Answer: d

8. The latest diodes used for phototherapy of neonates , which have the advantages of production of minimal heat, narrow luminous spectra in the blue green range with massive delivery of irradiance is?

a. halogen quartz light emitting diode

Answer: a

9. Which of the following has receptors intracellularly in muscle cells?

a. insulin

b. corticosteroid

c. epinephrine

d. glucagon

Answer: b

10. Ovarian cyst in a post partum patient . treatment is

a. immediate removal

b. after two weeks

c. after 6 weeks

d. after 3 months

Answer: a

11. Juvenile delinquency has an extra ________ chromosome?

a. X chromosome

b. Y chromosome

c. XX chromosome

d. YY chromosome

Answer: b

12. When the hand is in a resting supine position , the radius is in articulation at the radiocarpal joint with which of the following bones?

a. triquetrum and trapezium

b. lunate and trapezium

c. scaphoid and lunate

d. scaphoid and hamate

Answer: c

13. An indirect inguinal hernia occurs

a. lateral to the inferior epigastric artery

b. between the inferior epigastric and obliterated umbilical arteries

c. medial to the obliterated umbilical artery

d. between the median and medial umbilical folds

Answer: a

14. Vision 2020 does not include?

a. cataract

b. trachoma

c. onchoceriasis

d. epidemic conjunctivitis

Answer: d

15. Hypoxia stimulates glycolysis by which regulating pathways?

a. oxygen inhibits hexokinase

Answer: a

16. Organism which shows tumbling motility?

a. listeria at 20 – 25 degree Celsius

Answer: a

17. Microorganism which show swarming?

a. proteus mirabilis, proteus vulgaris, bacillus cereus and clostridium tetani . proteus also shows the characteristic dienes phenomenon

Answer: a

18. Toll like receptors are expressed on all except?

a. macrophages

b. dendritic cells

c. B cells

d. T cells

Answer: d

19. All of the following are oxidase positive organisms except?

a. E . coli

b. Vibrio cholera

c. Pseudomonas aeruginosa

d. Aeromonas hydrophila

Answer: a

20. Protective anti tetanus toxoid antibody levels in a person vaccinated against tetanus should be atleast?

a. 0.1 IU/ml

b. 0.3 IU/ml

c. 0.4 IU/ml

Answer: a

21. A baby is suffering from severe ABO incompatibility . Exchange transfusion is planned for the baby . the baby՚s weight is 3 kg . How much blood will be needed for exchange transfusion?

a. 540 ml

b. 320 ml

c. 480 ml

d. 560 ml

Answer: a

22. In a lady of 32 weeks pregnancy injection dexamethasone is to be given to prevent?

a. RDS

b. Neonatal convulsion

c. Neonatal jaundice

d. Cerebral palsy

Answer: a

23. Anti hormonal substance used to induce ovulation is?

a. mifepristone

b. clomiphene citrate

c. tamoxifen

d. raloxifen

Answer: b

24. Non contraceptive use of OC pills are all except?

a. carcinoma endometrium

b. carcinoma breasts

c. rheumatoid arthritis

d. endometriosis

Answer: b

25. On TVS which of the following shape of cervix indicates preterm labour?

a. U Shape

b. V Shape

Answer: a

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