NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 15 for 2021

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1. Pure tone audiometry to assess hearing in children is usually possible beyond what age?

a. greater than 2 years

b. greater than 5 years

c. greater than 7 years

d. greater than 10 years

Answer: b

2. Children in this age group tolerate digitalis best?

a. preterm babies

b. infants

c. toddlers

d. school going

Answer: b

3. Active immunoprophylaxis after exposure is indicated in the following diseases except?

a. measles

b. mumps

c. chicken pox

d. hepatitis B

Answer: b

4. The only live vaccine indicated in symptomatic HIV patients is?

a. BCG

b. OPV

c. Measles

d. Influenza

Answer: c

5. The most common causative agent for bacterial tracheitis in children is?

a. staphylococcus aureus

b. streptococcus pneumoniae

c. hemophilus influenzae

d. streptococcus pyogenes

Answer: a

6. Preterm milk contains the following in higher concentrations?

a. energy

b. protein

c. lactose

d. sodium

Answer: c

7. A child is able to pull self to standing position , cruises around on holding to furniture , creeps keeping his abdomen off ground , plays pat a cake and peek a boo at?

a. 28 weeks

b. 32 weeks

c. 36 weeks

d. 40 weeks

Answer: d

8. How many milligrams of ascorbic acid is required each day in a 5 year old child?

a. 40 mg

b. 50 mg

c. 60 mg

Answer: a

9. Tubercular bronchopneumonia would be classified under what category according to IAP classification of childhood tuberculosis?

a. group 1

b. group 2

c. group 3

d. group 4

Answer: d


a. toxoplasma

b. staph aureus

c. listeria

d. legionella

Answer: c

11. ECTHYMA GANGRENOSUM are pathognomic skin lesions of

a. staph aureus infection

b. klebsiella infection

c. pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

d. proteus infection

Answer: c

12. In a patient with VENTRICULAR FIBRILLATION , after initial unsuccessful defibrillation attempts , which anti arrhythmic drug is the agent of choice?

a. amiodarone

b. magnesium sulfate

c. lidocaine

d. procainamide

Answer: a

13. The following drugs are used for endoscopic removal with intra vesical therapy in superficial bladder tumors except

a. BCG

b. IFN

c. Gemcitabine

d. Methotrexate

Answer: d

14. One DALY is

a. ten lost years of healthy life

b. five lost years of healthy life

c. one lost year of healthy life

d. three lost years of healthy life

Answer: c

15. The ideal treatment of choice for CADMIUM toxicity

a. dimercaprol



d. No effective treatment possible

Answer: d

16. The term killed in a road traffic accident is defined as any person who died within ________ days as a result of accident?

a. 30 days

b. 23 days

c. 20 days

Answer: a

17. The objectives of Indian red cross are

a. improvement of health

b. prevention of disease

c. mitigation of suffering

d. all

Answer: a

18. Anti malaria month is observed during which month?

a. june

b. july

c. may

d. August

Answer: a

19. The incubation period of pneumonic plague is usually

a. 1 - 3 days

b. 2 - 4 days

c. 4 - 6 days

Answer: a

20. Xeroderma pigmentosa is produced as a result of?

a. DNA polymerase 3

b. DNA polymerase 1

c. DNA exonuclease

d. DNA ligase

Answer: d

21. Earliest symptom of acoustic neuroma is?

a. deafness

b. tinnitus

c. vertigo

d. facial weakness

Answer: a

22. Ocular albinism is inherited as

a. X linked recessive

b. Y linked recessive .

Answer: a

23. Satellite lesions are seen in the following type of leprosy?

a. tuberculoid leprosy

b. lepromatous leprosy

c. borderline tuberculoid leprosy

d. histoid leprosy

Answer: c

24. The patient 25 years old suffered head injury , he developed double vision on looking down . The probable cranial nerve involved is?

a. 3

b. 4

c. 6

d. 7

Answer: b

25. Inversion and eversion take place at which joint?

a. talo calcanael joint

b. talo calcaneo cuneiform

c. calcaneo cuboid

d. mid tarsal joint

Answer: a

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