NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 16 for 2021

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1. In India rigor mortis begins at?

a. 1 – 2 hours after death

b. 3 – 6 hours after death

c. 12 – 24 hours after death

d. 16 – 18 hours after death

Answer: a

2. The only test to identify both choline and spermine in seminal stain is?

a. barberio test

b. Florence test

c. Thin layer chromatography

d. Acid phosphatase test

Answer: c

3. Drug of choice for elimination of nasal carriage of both methicillin resistant and methicillin susceptible staphylococcus aureus is?

a. mupirocin

Answer: a

4. The most common histological finding in DUB is?

a. normal endometrium

b. hyperplastic endometrium

c. irregular ripening

d. irregular shedding

Answer: a

5. The conization is reserved for patients with?

a. CIN 1

b. CIN 2

c. CIN 3

d. Dysplasia

Answer: c

6. A young nulliparous woman presents with a second degree uterine prolapse . the most appropriate management of this patient is?

a. lefort՚s repair

b. purandare՚s cervicopexy

c. mayoward

d. fothergill՚s

Answer: b

7. Carcinoma involving both the ovaries and ascitic fluid cytology positive for malignant cells is of which stage?

a. I c

b. II c

c. III c

d. IV

Answer: a

8. The most common type of breech presentation in primi gravida is?

a. frank breech

b. complete breech

c. incomplete breech

d. sacrum anterior

Answer: a

9. The HOB NAIL CELLS are found in?

a. Brenner tumor

b. Clear cell adenoma

c. Mucinous tumors

d. Endometrial tumors

Answer: b

10. Which of the follwing is more likely to involve the epiphysis of long bones than vertebral column?

a. osteoblastoma

b. osteoporosis

c. metastatic breast cancer

d. giant cell tumor of bone

Answer: d

11. Young patient with rhabdomyoma of the heart most likely has?

a. mental retardation

b. a trisomy chromosomal abnormality

c. a single umbilical artery at birth

d. a primary rhabdomyosarcoma in the thigh

Answer: a

12. The most common etiological factor in cushing՚s syndrome?

a. adrenal adenoma

b. bilateral adrenal hyperplasia

c. adrenal carcinoma

d. ectopic adrenal tissue

Answer: b

13. A patient presents with waxy flexibility , negativism and rigidity , diagnosis is?

a. catatonic schizophrenia

b. paranoid schizophrenia

c. hebephrenic schizophrenia

d. simple schizophrenia

Answer: a

14. Hyperuricemia often occurs secondary to all the following disorders except?

a. leukemias

b. lymphomas

c. chondrocalcinosis

d. lesch-nyhan syndrome

Answer: c

15. A person missing from home is found wandering purposefully . he is well groomed and denies of having amnesia . Most likely diagnosis?

a. dissociative fugue

b. dissociative amnesia

c. schizophrenia

d. dementia

Answer: d

16. Carcinoma endometrium with involvement of inguinal nodes belongs to which stage?

a. stage 1

b. stage 2

c. stage 3

d. stage 4

Answer: d

17. Which of the following tumor chromosome relationships is wrongly matched?

a. neuroblastoma – chromosome 1

b. wilm՚s tumor – chromosome 11

c. retinoblastoma – chromosome 13

d. wilson՚s disease – chromosome 13

e. osteosarcoma – chromosome 8

Answer: e

18. Which of the following indication for cesarean section in pregnancy?

a. pulmonary stenosis

b. coarctation of aorta

c. eisenmenger syndrome

d. ebstein՚s anamoly

Answer: b

19. Treatment of choice in a 30 year old female with hydatidiform mole and its size 28 weeks is?

a. suction and evacuation

b. hysterectomy

Answer: a

20. Fibrinoid deposits in the placental intervillous space of the foetal maternal junction are called?

a. Rohn՚s stria

Answer: a

21. What is the second most common symptom of pheochromocytoma in adult?

a. headache

b. sweating

c. paroxysmal hypertension

d. persistent hypertension

Answer: b

22. The following factors facilitate metastasis of cancer cells except?

a. metalloproteinases

b. loss of E-cadherin expression

c. angiogenesis peptides

d. CD8 + T cells

Answer: d

23. All of the following are prodrugs except?

a. lisinopril

b. perindopril

c. ramipril

d. benazepril

Answer: a

24. A new drug which is preferentially catalysed in the tumor to form 5 – fluorouracil?

a. capicitabine

Answer: a

25. Magill circuit air flow is

a. equal to minute volume

b. twice to minute volume

c. half to minute volume

d. equal to minute volume

Answer: a

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