NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 16 for 2019

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1. In India rigor mortis begins at ?

a. 1 – 2 hours after death

b. 3 – 6 hours after death

c. 12 – 24 hours after death

d. 16 – 18 hours after death

Answer: a

2. The only test to identify both choline and spermine in seminal stain is ?

a. barberio test

b. Florence test

c. Thin layer chromatography

d. Acid phosphatase test

Answer: c

3. Drug of choice for elimination of nasal carriage of both methicillin resistant and methicillin susceptible staphylococcus aureus is ?

a. mupirocin

Answer: a

4. The most common histological finding in DUB is ?

a. normal endometrium

b. hyperplastic endometrium

c. irregular ripening

d. irregular shedding

Answer: a

5. The conization is reserved for patients with ?

a. CIN 1

b. CIN 2

c. CIN 3

d. Dysplasia

Answer: c

6. A young nulliparous woman presents with a second degree uterine prolapse . the most appropriate management of this patient is ?

a. lefort’s repair

b. purandare’s cervicopexy

c. mayoward

d. fothergill’s

Answer: b

7. Carcinoma involving both the ovaries and ascitic fluid cytology positive for malignant cells is of which stage ?

a. I c

b. II c

c. III c

d. IV

Answer: a

8. The most common type of breech presentation in primi gravida is ?

a. frank breech

b. complete breech

c. incomplete breech

d. sacrum anterior

Answer: a

9. The HOB NAIL CELLS are found in ?

a. Brenner tumor

b. Clear cell adenoma

c. Mucinous tumors

d. Endometrial tumors

Answer: b

10. Which of the follwing is more likely to involve the epiphysis of long bones than vertebral column ?

a. osteoblastoma

b. osteoporosis

c. metastatic breast cancer

d. giant cell tumor of bone

Answer: d

11. Young patient with rhabdomyoma of the heart most likely has ?

a. mental retardation

b. a trisomy chromosomal abnormality

c. a single umbilical artery at birth

d. a primary rhabdomyosarcoma in the thigh

Answer: a

12. The most common etiological factor in cushing’s syndrome ?

a. adrenal adenoma

b. bilateral adrenal hyperplasia

c. adrenal carcinoma

d. ectopic adrenal tissue

Answer: b

13. A patient presents with waxy flexibility , negativism and rigidity , diagnosis is ?

a. catatonic schizophrenia

b. paranoid schizophrenia

c. hebephrenic schizophrenia

d. simple schizophrenia

Answer: a

14. Hyperuricemia often occurs secondary to all the following disorders except ?

a. leukemias

b. lymphomas

c. chondrocalcinosis

d. lesch-nyhan syndrome

Answer: c

15. A person missing from home is found wandering purposefully . he is well groomed and denies of having amnesia . Most likely diagnosis ?

a. dissociative fugue

b. dissociative amnesia

c. schizophrenia

d. dementia

Answer: d

16. Carcinoma endometrium with involvement of inguinal nodes belongs to which stage ?

a. stage 1

b. stage 2

c. stage 3

d. stage 4

Answer: d

17. Which of the following tumor chromosome relationships is wrongly matched?

a. neuroblastoma – chromosome 1

b. wilm’s tumor – chromosome 11

c. retinoblastoma – chromosome 13

d. wilson’s disease – chromosome 13

e. osteosarcoma – chromosome 8

Answer: e

18. Which of the following indication for cesarean section in pregnancy ?

a. pulmonary stenosis

b. coarctation of aorta

c. eisenmenger syndrome

d. ebstein’s anamoly

Answer: b

19. Treatment of choice in a 30 year old female with hydatidiform mole and its size 28 weeks is ?

a. suction and evacuation

b. hysterectomy

Answer: a

20. Fibrinoid deposits in the placental intervillous space of the foetal maternal junction are called ?

a. Rohn’s stria

Answer: a

21. What is the second most common symptom of pheochromocytoma in adult ?

a. headache

b. sweating

c. paroxysmal hypertension

d. persistent hypertension

Answer: b

22. The following factors facilitate metastasis of cancer cells except ?

a. metalloproteinases

b. loss of E-cadherin expression

c. angiogenesis peptides

d. CD8+ T cells

Answer: d

23. All of the following are prodrugs except ?

a. lisinopril

b. perindopril

c. ramipril

d. benazepril

Answer: a

24. A new drug which is preferentially catalysed in the tumor to form 5 – fluorouracil ?

a. capicitabine

Answer: a

25. Magill circuit air flow is

a. equal to minute volume

b. twice to minute volume

c. half to minute volume

d. equal to minute volume

Answer: a