NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 17 for 2021

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1. Side effects of timolol maleate?

a. asthma

b. depression

c. tachycardia

d. hypotension

e. hypertension

Answer: a, b, d

2. Methotrexate acts by?

a. inhibition of dihydrofolate reductase

b. aldose dehydrogenase

c. glutathione reductase

d. inhibition of sterol synthesis

Answer: a

3. True about carvedilol?

a. alpha 1 blocker

b. beta 1 blocker

c. beta 2 blocker

d. antioxidant

e. used in hypertension

Answer: a , b , c , d , e

4. Prophylaxis of migraine?

a. flunarizine

b. cinarizine

c. beta blockers

d. sodium valproate

e. carbamazepine

Answer: a , c , d

5. Which of the following are prodrugs?

a. mercaptopurine

b. dipivefrine

c. enalapril

d. phenytoin

e. linezolid

Answer: a , b , c

6. First pass metabolism is seen in?

a. lignocaine

b. propranolol

c. salbutamol

d. dypyridamol

e. erythromycin

Answer: a , b , c

7 . True about quinidine

a. it increases the effective refractory period

b. used in hypertension

c. causes paradoxical tachycardia

d. it decreases absolute refractory period

e. cinchonism is seen

Answer: a , c , e

8. Regarding ritonavir in AIDS patient which of the following are true?

a. interacts with terfenadine

b. gastrointestinal symptoms are seen

c. contraindicated in renal failure

d. it is NNRTI

e. should not be used in AIDS patient with bleeding disorder

Answer: a , b

9. Anti hypertensive drug beneficial or neutral role in lipid metabolism?

a. prazocin

b. propranolol

c. furosemide

d. losartan

e. chlorthiazide

Answer: a , d

10. Meurochemical mechanism of analgesia

a. VR-1

b. Nicotinic cholinergic

c. Nocistatin pattern

d. Nociceptin pattern

e. Anandomide

Answer: a, b , d , e

11. Side effects of phenytoin are?

a. gum hypertrophy

b. alopecia

c. subungual exostosis

d. onycholysis

e. acne rosacea

Answer: a

12. Ototoxicity of aminoglycosides is increased with concurrent use of which of the following drugs?

a. cisplatin

b. furosemide

c. vancomycin

d. vincristin

e. erythromycin

Answer: a , b , c , e

13. Treatment of pencillinase producing neisseria gonorrhea is/are?

a. amoxicillin

b. ciprofloxacin

c. cefotaxime

d. azithromycin

e. doxycycline

Answer: b , c

14. True about lispro-insulin?

a. action is faster and short in duration than regular insulin

b. it is given 15 minutes prior to meal

c. source is lamb

d. action is faster and long in duration than regular insulin

Answer: a , b

15. True about pseudocholine esterase?

a. present in neuromuscular junction

b. level is increased in pregnancy

c. succinyl choline is metabolized

d. organophosphorous inhibits it

Answer: c

16. Alkylating agents are?

a. vincristin

b. actinomycin-D

c. chlorambucil

d. 5-FU

e. Cyclophosphamide

Answer: c , e

(17) . Fallopian tube dysmotility is seen in

a. marfans syndrome

b. kartagener՚s

c. noonan՚s

d. turners syndrome

Answer: b

18. Fastest route of absorption for local anaesthetic is?

a. caudal

b. epidural

c. brachial

d. Intercostal

Answer: N/A

19. About DDT all are true except

a. it is a Contact poison

b. Residual effects persist for 18 months

c. Causes Immediate death

d. when given along with Permethrin, it has synergistic action

Answer: N/A

21. All are larvicides except

a. DDT

b. Gambusia

c. Intermittent Irrigation

d. Paris green

Answer: N/A

22. Hunterian ligature is done for

a. Aneurysm

b. Varicose veins

c. A-V Malformation

d. fistula

Answer: a

23. Which joint is not involved in rheumatoid arthritis

a. tarsometatarsal

b. metatarsophalengial

c. ankle

d. elbow

Answer: N/A

24. Sternocleidomastoid receives its blood supply from all of the following arteries except?

a. occipital artery

b. post auricular artery

c. thyrocervical trunk

d. superior thyroid artery

Answer: c

25. Not associated with CHEOPS

a. cry

b. Touch

c. Oxygen saturation

d. Torso

Answer: c

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