NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 18 for 2021

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1. Dengue fever - most sensitive test?

a. tissue culture

b. Ig M

c. elisa

d. microscopy

Answer: N/A

2. What is the vitamin required for carboxylation reactions?

a. biotin

b. TPP

c. FAD


Answer: a

3. Which of the following is the most potent stimulator of naïve T cells?

a. B cells

b. Mature dendritic cells

c. Epithelial cells

d. Macrophages

Answer: b

4. The study of death in all its aspects is called?

a. thanatology

b. ornithology

c. odontology

d. none

Answer: a

5. All of the following are good prognostic factors of ALL except?

a. age 2 - 8 years

b. WBC count less than 50000/mm3

c. Hyperdiploidy

d. T (9: 22) t (8: 14) t (4: 11)

Answer: d

5. Which of the following studies is besf for calculating the incidence of a disease?

a. case control study

b. cross sectional study

c. prospective study

d. retrospective study

Answer: d

6. Too many false positives in a screening test is due to which of the following?

a. high prevalence

b. high incidence

c. tests with high specificity

d. tests with high sensitivity

Answer: d

7. Cyclodevelopmental stage is seen in?

a. malaria

b. filariasis

c. plague

d. cholera

Answer: b

8. Gene for major histocompatibility complex is located on which chromosome?

a. 6

b. 9

c. 10

d. 12

Answer: a

9. Central dot sign on CT is seen in which of the following conditions?

a. caroli՚s disease

answer: a

10. What is hydrocution?

a. drowning a person in boiling water

b. drowning a person in cold water

c. both

d. none

Answer: b

11. What is FALANGA?

a. beating on the soles of the foot of person

b. beating on the ears of a person

c. beating on the testicles of a person

d. beating on the chest of a person

12. Fish is not rich in?

a. iron

b. iodine

c. vitamin A

d. phosphorous

Answer: N/A

13. Which of the following is not included in the SAFE strategy?

a. surgery

b. vitamin A supplementation

c. facial cleaning

d. environmental hygiene

Answer: b

14. Which of the following is not a feature of horner՚s syndrome?

a. miosis

b. exopthalmos

c. anhydrosis

d. all the above

Answer: b

15. All of the following are immunity suppressors except?

a. cyclosporine

b. azathioprine

c. steroids

d. cephalosporins

Answer: d

16. All are true about wiskott Aldrich syndrome except?

a. it is autosomal recessive

answer: a

17. In an uremic patient dialysis reverses all of the following except?

a. neuropathy

b. seizures

c. pericarditis

d. all of the above

Answer: a

18. Misfolding of the proteins is characterisitic of all of the following except?

a. amyloidosis

b. multiple sclerosis

c. prion disease

d. cruetz feldt Jacobs disease

Answer: b

19. All of the following pierce the buccinator muscle except?

a. N/A

Answer: N/A

20. Virchow՚s triad includes all of the following except?

a. venous stasis

b. injury to veins

c. blood hypercoagulability

d. venous thrombosis

Answer: d

21. Which one of the following drugs is removed by lungs

a. cyclophosphamide

b. 5 – FU

c. Cisplatin

d. doxorubicin

Answer: a

22. The CSF pressure is mainly maintained by?

a. rate of synthesis

b. rate of absorption

c. flow in the ventricles

d. None

Answer: b

23. Which of the following is the best treatment of medullary carcinoma of thyroid?

a. surgery only

b. surgery with radiotherapy

c. chemotherapy

d. radiotherapy only

Answer: a

24. All of the following are included in the phase 1 of detoxification reactions except?

a. oxidation

b. reduction

c. hydrolysis

d. conjugation

Answer: d

25. Most important substance responsible for the bioluminescence of fire flies?

a. phospho creatine

b. ATP

c. ADP

d. GTP

Answer: a

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