NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 19 for 2021

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1. Which of the following is considered as the seventh disability?

a. neurological illness

b. mental illness

c. substance abuse

d. RTA

Answer: c

2. Which of the following cells is not seen in cerebellum?

a. golgi cells

b. granular cells

c. purkinje cells

d. bipolar cells

Answer: N/A

3. Trendelenburg test is positive due to damage to which of the following nerves?

a. superior gluteal nerve

b. inferior gluteal nerve

c. both

d. none

Answer: a

4. Ifosfamide belongs to which group of drugs?

a. alkylating agents

Answer: a

5. Embalming fluid contains all of the following except?

a. glycerine

b. phenol

c. formaldehyde

6. N2O is not used in all of the following surgeries except?

a. laser microlaryngeal surgeries

b. vitreoretinal surgeries

c. exenteration

d. all

7. In a subclavian artery block at the outer border of first rib all of the following vessels help in maintaining the circulation to upper limp except?

a. thyrocervical trunk

b. suprascapular

c. sub scapular

d. superior thoracic

8. Fascia around nerve bundle of brachial plexus is derived from?

a. prevertebral fascia

b. clavipectoral fascia

c. deep cervical fascia

d. pectoral fascia.

9. Uuccinator muscle is pierced by all except?

a. buccal br of facial n.

b. mucus gland of buccopharyngeal fascia.

c. parotid duct

d. buccal br of mandibular n.

10. Which of the following brainstem nuclei is not derived from alar plate?

a. hypoglossal nuclei

b. inferior olivary nucleus

c. dentate nucleus

d. substantis nigra

11. Which is not a permanent mucosal fold?

a. gastric rugae

b. spiral valve

c. transverse rectal fold

d. plica semilunaris

12. not a boundary of triangle of auscultation?

a. scapula

b. trapezius

c. latissimus dorsi

d. serratus anterior

13. Spleen projects into the following space of peritoneal cavity?

a. greater sac

b. paracolic gutter

c. left subhepatic space

d. infracolic compartment

14. Sternocleidomastoid is not supplied by?

a. superior thyroid a.

b. thyrocervical trunk

c. occipital a

d. post auricular a

15. Which of the following is the terminal group of lymph node in coeliac axis?

a. preaortic

b. lateral sacral

c. para colic

d. intermediate gp.

16. Nitrogen narcosis is caused due to?

a. increased susceptibility of neurons for nitrogen

b. nitrogen inhibits dismutase enzyme

c. decrease in oxygen free radicals

d. increased production of nitrous oxide

17. CSF pressure depends primarily upon?

a. rate of formation from choroid plexus

b. rate of absorption

c. cerebral blood flow

d. blood pressure

18. All are non functional plasma enzymes except?

a. lipoprotein lipase

b. hormone sensitive lipase

c. alkaline phosphatase

d. prostate specific phosphatase

19. Maximum post prandial motility is seen in?

a. ascending colon

b. descending colon

c. sigmoid colon

d. transeverse colon

20. Vagal stimulation of heart causes?

a. increased hr

b. . increased rr interval

c. . increased cardiac output

d. . increased force of contraction

21. True about weber feschner law?

a. gradations of stimulus strength are discriminated approximately in proportion to the

logarithm of the stimulus strength

Answer: a

22. Cells present in cerebral cortex are all except?

a. bipolar cells

b. purkinje cells

d. golgi cells

d. granule cells

23. Which does not lies in medulla?

a. collecting duct

b. jg apparatus

c. vasa recta

d. loop of henle

24. Mineralocorticoid receptors are present in all except?

a. liver

b. glomerular tubules

c. colon

d. hippocampus

25. Which is true?

a. clearance of a substance is greater than gfr if tubular secretion occurs

b. clearance of a subs is always increased if there is tubular secretion

c. descending loh has hypotonic urine

d. descending loh is permeable to solutes

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