NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 20 for 2021

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1. Mean circulating filling pressure is?

a. difference between central venous pressure and central arterial pressure

b. mean atrial pressure

c. arterialpressure taken just at the point when heart stops beating

d. difference between systemic and pulmonary arterial pressure

2. Which is true about presynaptic inhibition?

a. occours due to hyperpolarisation of presynaptic membrane

b. occours due to inhibition of release of neurotransmitter from presynaptic terminal

c. produces action potential

3. Circadian rhythm is controlled by?

a. suprachiasmatic nucleus

b. median eminence

c. paramedian nu

d. supraoptic nuclei

4. DNA without introns is?

a. b DNA

b. z DNA

c. c DNA

d. mitochondrial DNA

5. All are true about glutathione except?

a. converts hemoglobin to methemoglobin

b. decreases free radicals

c. helps in conjugation reaction

d. co factor of various enzymes

6. Ribosome has following enzymatic activity?

a. peptidyl transferase

b. amino acyl t rna synthetase

c. peptidase

7. Which enzyme is responsible for carboxylation reaction?

a. biotin

b. thiamine pyrophosphate

8. Glowing of firefly is due to?

a. ATP


c. GTP

d. phospho creatinine

9. In carboxylation of clotting factors by vit k which amino acid is carboxylated?

a. aspartate

b. glutamate

c. histamine

d. histidine

10. Synthesis of a immunoglobulin in membrane bound or independent form is determined by?

a. one turn two turn joining rule

b. allelic exclusion

c. class switching

d. differential rna processing

11. Phosphorlase b is inhibited by?

a. atp

b. amp

c. glucose

d. calcium

12. In metabolism of xenobiotics all of the following reactions occur in phase one except?

a. conjugation

b. reduction

c. hydrolysis

d. oxidation

13. Which is not a second messenger?

a. AMP

b. guanyl cyclase

c. DAG

d. IP3

14. Tructure of proteins can be determined by all except?

mass spectrometry

nmr spectrometry


15. Functions of thiamine?

a. co enzyme of pyruvate dehydrogenase and alpha keto dehydrogenase

b. co enzyme of trans ketolase

16. Replacin alanine by which amino acid will increase the absorbance of proteins at 280nm?

a. leucine

b. tryptophan

c. proline

d. arginine

17. Thalidomide is not used in?

a. hiv related neuropathy

b. erythema nodosum leprosum

c. aphthous ulcer

d. bechets ds

18. Drugs used for detrusor instability are all except?

a. flavoxate

b. solifenacin

c. duloxetine

d. tiaperetide

19. Which is not an alkylating agent?

a. cyclophosphamide

b. busulphan

c. 5fu

d. melphalan

20. Ifosfamide belongs to which class?

a. alkylating agent

b. anti metabolite

c. taxanes

d. antibiotics

21. Doc for refractory histiocytosis?

a. cladarabine

b. fludarabine

c. cytosine arabinoside

d. high dose methotrexate

22. TNF alpha inhibitors are contraindicated in?

a. SLE

b. seronegative spondyloarthritis

c. psoriatic arthritis

d. rheumatoid arthritis

23. True about alpha subunit of g protein?

a. has gtpase activity

24. Question about herceptin?

25. True about acarbose are a/e?

a. controls both pre and post prandial hyperglycemia

b. it decreases fibrinogen level

c. its an alpha glucosidase inhibitor

d. it delays progression of diabetes

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