NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 21 for 2021

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1. A female has hypopigmented leison on centre of forehead drug responsible is?

a. hydroquinone

b. ether metabolite of hydroquinone

c. para tetra butyl catechol

d. para tetra butyl phenol

2. Dose of which cephalosporin is not reduced in renal insufficiency?

a. cefixime

b. cefoperazone

c. cefipime

3. True about ace inhibitors?

a. half life of enlapril is more than lisinopril

b. inhibit conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin i

c. first dose hypotension is not seen if previous treatment with diuretics is stopped

4. Which of the following does not contribute to digoxin toxicity?

a. hyperkalemia

b. hypercalcemia

c. renal failure

d. hypomagnesemia

5. Which drug used intreatment of osteoporosis causes both bone formation and decreased bone resorption?

a. bisphosphonate

b strontiun ranoxalate

c. terapeptide

d. calcitonin

6. Which of the following drugs can be used in renal failure?

a. lorazepam

b. metronidazole

c. theophyllne

d. acetaminophen

7. A girl on sulphonamides developed abdominal pain and presented to emergency with seizure. what is the probable cause?

a. acute intermittent porphyria

b. congenital erythropoietic porphyria

c. inf mononcleosis

d. kawasakis ds


8. MHC is loccated on which chromosome?

a. 10

b. 6

c. x

d. 13

9. Brca 1 is located on chromosome?

a. 13

b. 11

c. 17

d. 22

10. Gene for folate carrier protein is located on chromosome?

a. 5

b. x

c. 21

d. 9

11. All are true about thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura except?

a. microangiopathic hemolytic anemia

b. thrombocytopenia

c. normal complement level

d. thrombosis

12. Essential for tumour metastasis is?

a. angiogenesis

b. tumorogenesis

c. apoptosis

d. inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity

13. Common complement component for both pathways is?

a. c3

b. c5

c. c1q

d. c8

14. Enzme responsible for respiratory burst is?

a. oxidase

b. dehydrogenase

c. peroxidase

d. catalase

15. Most potent stimulator of naïve t cell is?

a. mature dendritic cell

b. follicular dendritic cell

c. macrophage

d. b cell

16. Nitroblue tetrazolium test is used for?

a. phagocytes

b. complement

c. t cell

d. b cell

17. Hypersensitivity vasculitis is seen in?

a. post capillary venules

b. arterioles

c. veins

d. capillaries


18. Biosaftey precaution grade iii is practiced in all except?

a. human influenza virus

b. st louis encephalitis virus

c. coxiella burnetti

d. mycobacterium tuberculosis

19. Most common species of pseudomonas causing intravenous catheter related infections?

a. p. cepacia

b. p. areuginosa

c. p. maltiphila

d. p. mallei

20. Most sensitive diagnostic test for dengue is?

a. igm elisa

b. cft

c. tissue culture

d. electron microscopy

21. A gardener has multiple vesicles on hand and multiple eruption s along the lymphatics. most common fungus responsible is?

a. sporothrix shenkii

b. cladosporium

c. histoplasma

d. candida

22. Which is not a RNA virus?

a. ebola

b. simian 40

c. rabies

d. vesicular stomatitis virus

23. True about prion is?

a. are virus coded

b. cause misfolding of proteins

c. cleave protein

d. defect in folding of proteins

24. All are true about bacteriophage except?

a. helps in transduction of bacteria

b. imparts toxigenicity to bacteria

c. can transper chromosomal gene

25. A girl from Shimla presented to OPD with fever malaise and axillary and inguinal lymphadenopathy culture shows stalactite growth causative organism is?

a. yersinia pestis

b. francisella

c. pseudomonas

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