NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 22 for 2022

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1. True about carbohydrate antigen are all except?

a. has low immunogenicity

b. memory response seen

c. causes polyclonal b cell stimulation

d. does not stimulate t cell

2. Mechanism of action of pertusis toxin is?

a. adp ribosylation

b. acts through g alpha subunit

3. Which of the following is true about isotypic variation?

a. subtle amino acid changes due to allelic differences

b. changes in aa heavy and light chain in variable region

c. changes in heavy n light chain in constant region responsible for class and subtype

d. these are areas in antigen that bind specifically to antibody

4. True about hybridoma technique are a/e?

a. narmal activated b cellsmyeloma cells

b. myeloma cells selective mutation in salvage pathway, vigorous proliferation in hat medium

c. thymidine kinase and hgprt catalyse he salvage pathway

d. aminopterin a folic antagonist, inhibits de novo nucleotide synthesis forensic medicine

5. What is fallanga?

a. beating on soles with blunt object

6. Hydrocution refers to?

a. drowning in cold water

b. electrocution in water

c. post mortem immersion

d. immersion in boiling water

7. Not a constituent of embalming fluid?

a. phenol

b. ethanaol

c. formalin

d. glycerine

8. Thanatology is study of?


9. A man working as a pest killer comes to opd with pain abdomen and garlic odour in breath with transverse lines on nails. posoning is due to?

a. lead

b, arsenic

c. mercury

d. cadmium


10. Kaplan meier method is used for?

a . survival

b. prevalance

c. incidence

d. frequency

11. Incidence can be calculated by?

a. case control study

b. cross sectional study

c. prospective study

d. retrospective study

12. All are true about cluster sampling except?

a. sample size is same as that of simple random sampling

13. False about indian reference female is?

a. weighs 55 kg

b. age 20 - 39yrs

c. 8 hours of moderate work

d. walking and recreation for 2 hours

14. Not true about breast milk is?

a. maximum output is seen at 12 month

b. breast milk protein is a reference protein

c. calcium utilization from breast milk is more than cows milk

d. coefficient of absorption of iron is 70 %

15. Lepromin test is ured for?

a. diagnosis

b. treatment

c. prognosis

d. epidemiological investigation

16. Fish is a poor source of?

a. iron

b. phosphorus

c. iodine

d. vit a

17. False about vaccines is?

a. thiomersal is preservative in dpt

b. kanamycin is preservative in measels

c. mgcl2 is stabilizer used in opv

d. neomycin is preservative in bcg

18. True about bcg vaccination is?

a. tuberculin test is positive after 6 weeks of vaccination

b. inj site should be cleaned with spirit

c. who recommends danish1331 strain for vaccine

d. diluent uesd is either distilled water or normal saline

19. Shortest incubation period is of?

a influenza

b. hep b

c. hep a

d. rubella

20. Increase in false positive is seen in?

a. high prevalance

b. low prevalance

c. high specificity

d. high sensitivity

21. Plastic wrapper of surgical syringe should be discarded in?

a blue bag

b. black

c. yellow

d. red

22. False about DDT is?

a. contact poison

b. residual effect lasts for 18 moths

c. causes immediate death

d. permethrin has synergistic action

23. All are larva control measures except?

a. gambusia

b. intermittent irrigation

c. ddt

d. paris green

24. Not a part of safe strategy?

a. azithromycin

b. vit a supplementation

c. face wash

d. sanitation

25. Goals of national population policy are a/e?

a. bring down TFR to replacement level by 2015

b. decrease IMR to 30/1000

c. decrease MMR to 100/100000

d. 100 % registration of birth death and pregnancy