NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 23 for 2021

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1. Best index of contraceptive efficacy is?

a. pearl index

b. chandelers index

2. Test for efficacy of pasteurisation of milk is?

a. methylene blue test

b. phosphatase test

3. Incineration is not done for?

a. waste sharp

b. cytotoxic dugs

c. human anatomical waste

4. Cyclo developmental life cycle is seen in?

a. filaria

b. malaria

c. yellow fever

d, plague

5. True about npu?

a. it gives idea about quality of protein

b. it is the ratio of total nitrogen retained by total n2 intake multiplied by 1oo

6. True about maximum isolation period of enteric fever is?

a. upto 3 days after starting the treatment

b. till 3 consequtive negative stool and urine samples are obtained from the patient

7. All are true about randomized controlled trial except?

a. sample size depends upon hypothesis

b. dropouts are excluded from analysis

c. interviewers bias can be eliminated by double blinding

d. groups are comparable on baseline characteristics.


8. Use of nitrous oxide is contraindicated in?

a. cochlear implant

b. microlaryngeal surgery

c. vitreoretinal surgery

d. exentration operation

9. All are true about nasolabial cyst except?

a. arises from odontoid epithelium

b. usually bilateral

c. presents submucosally in anterior nasal floor

d. usually presents in adulthood

10. Microwick microcatheter sustained release preparation is used in?

a. medication to round window

b. control of epistxis

c. freis syndrome

d. drooling of saliva


11. All are seen in horners syndrome except?

a. heterochromia iridis

b. ptosis

c. miosis

d. apparent exophthalmos

12. Inclusion conjunctivitis is caused by?

a. chlamydia psittaci

b. chlamydia trachomatis

13. Maximum refractory index is of?

a. cornea

b. ant surface of lens

c. centrum of lens

d. post surface of lens

14. What is seen in 6th nerve palsy of left side?

a. diplopia in left gaze

b. accomodative pareisis of left eye

c. ptosis of left eye

d. adduction weakness of left eye

15. Whiich enzyme is defective in refsums disease?

a. phytanic acid oxidase

b. succinate thiokinase

c. malonate dehydrogenase


16. A 9 yr old girl has difficulty in combing hairs and climbing upstairs since 6 months. she has gowers sign positive and maculopapular rash ovr metacarpo phalangeal joints. what shuold be the next appropriate investigatio to be done?

a. esr

b. ra factor

c. creatine kinase

d. electromyography

17. Antibody found in myositis is?

a. anti jo1

b anti scl 70

c. anti ds dna

18. A girl on exposure to cold has pallor of extermities followed by pain and cyanosis. In later ages of life she is prone to develop?

a. sle

b. scleroderma

c. ra

d. systemic sclerosis

19. Which radiological feature would help differentiate rheumatoid arthritis with sle?

a. erosion

b. juxta articular osteoporosis

c. subluxation of mcp joint

d. swelling of pip joint

20. All are seen in reiters syndrome except?

a. subcutaneous nodules

b. oral ulcers

c. keratoderma belanorrhagicum

d. circinate balanitis

21. Which of the organism causes reactive arthritis?

a. ureaplasma urealyticum

b. group a beta hemolytic streptococci

c. borrelia burgdorferi

22. All are true about metachromatic leucodystrophy except?

a. follows an indolent course and slow to progress

b. tissue biopsy is diagnostic

c. presents as visual loss and speech abnormality

d. involves deep cortical neurons

23. Most common cause of mononeuritis multiplex in India is?

a. hansens disease

b. ra

c. tb

d. pan

24. Wiskott aldrich syndrome is characterized by all except?

a. thrombocytopenia

b. autosomal recessive

c. failure of aggregation of platelets in response to agonists

d. eczema

25. Spontaneous csf leak occours in all except?

a. increased ict

b. partial or complete empty sella syndrome

c. pseudotumour cerebri

d. low risk encephalocoele

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