NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 24 for 2021

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1. True about fluorescent antibody detection test in diagnosis of plasmodium falcifarum are a/e?

a. it՚s a immunochromatic test

b. detection of histidine rich protein 1

c. detection of lactate dehydrogenase antigen

d. detection of aldolase antigen

2. Microangiopathic hemolytic anaemia is seen in a/e?

a. antiphosphplipid antibody syn

b. ttp

c. microscopic polyangitis

d. metallic cardiac valves

3. Which of these is not a marker of active replicative phase of chronic hepatitis B?

a. hbv DNA

b. hbv dna polymerase

c. anti hbc

d. ast &alt

4. Vasodialation in spider naevi is due to?

a. hepatotoxin

b. estrogen

c. testosterone

d. dhea

5. In a emphysematous patient with [bleep] leison which is the best investigation to measure lung volumes?

a. body plethysmography

b. helium dilution

c. trans diaphragmatic pressure

d. dlco

6. A 29 yr old unmarried female presents with dyspnea, her chest x ray is normal, fvc- 92 % fevi/fvc-89 % dlco-59 % . on exercise her oxygen saturation drops from 92 % to 86 % . what is the diagnosis?

a. alveolar hypoventillation

b. primary pulmonary hypertension

c. interstitial lung disease

d. anxiety

7. A man on 10 days course of cephalosporins on 8th day of treatment develops hign grade fever and rashes all over the body. what is the diagnosis?

a. partially treated meningitis

b. type iii hypersensitivity reaction

c. kawasaki՚s ds

8. Which is false about acrodermatitis enteropathica?

a. triad of diarrhoea dmentia dermatitis

b. low serum zinc levels

c. symptoms improve with zinc supplementation

9. Which of the following is not a minor criteria for multiple myeloma?

a. multiple lytic bone leisons

b. plasmacytosis of 20 % in bone marrow

c. plasmacytoma on tissue biopsy

d. igg- 3g/dl iga-1.5g/dl

10. Which of the following features of uremia will not improve with hemodialysis?

a. peripheral neuropathy

b. percarditis

c. seizures

d. metabolic acidosis

11. Not a major framingham criteria for diagnosis of chf?

a. hepatomegaly

b. cardiomegaly

c. s3 gallop

d. paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea

12. A 54 yr old smoker man comes with fever hemoptysis weight loss and oligoarthritis. seriaal skiagram shows fleeting opacities. What is the diagnosis?

a. allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

b. ca lung

c. tb

d. wegeners granulomatosis

13. Misfolded proteins are seen in a/e?

a. prion ds

b. multiple sclerosis

c. amyloidosis

d. creutzfeldt jacob ds

14. Zinc deficiency causes a/e?

a. pulmonary fibrosis


15. In a maLe after laproscopic cholecystectomy carcinoma gall bladder stage ia was detected on histopath. what is the next appropriat management?

a. conservative and follow up

b. radical portal lymphadenectomy

c. radiotherapy

16. Boundary of triangle of dom are formed by all except?

a. peritoneal fold reflection

b. coopers ligament

c. testicular vessels

d. vas deferens

17. Most common site of curlings ulcer in a burns patient is?

a. duodenum

b. ileum

c. colon

d. oesophagus

18. Most common site of peripheral aneurysm?

a. femoral a.

b. popliteal a

c. brachial a

d. radial a

19. The children hospital of eastern ontario pain scale (cheops) for rating post operative pain in children includes a/e?

a. cry

b. touch

c. torso

d. oxygen saturation

20. A man comes to emergency with steb injury to left flank. he has stable vitals what would be the next step in management?

a. cect

b. celiotomy/scopy

c. diagnostic peritoneal lavage

d. laparotomy

21. Recurrent gist is diagnosed by?

a. pet scan

b. mibg

c. mri

d. usg

22. Nicoladoni՚s sign is also known as?

a. branhams sign

b. murray sign

c. frei sign

23. Not a complication of total parenteral nutrition?

a. congestive cardiac failure

b. metabolic bone disease

c. essential fatty acid deficiency

d. hypophosphatemia

24. Surgery not done in morbid obesity?

a. ileal transposition

b. pancreatico biliary diversion

c. sleeve gastrectomy

d. gastric bypass

25. Aperson with multiple injuries develops fever tachycardia tachypnea and a periumbilical rash. diagnosis is?

a. fat embolism

b. pulmonary embolism

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