NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 25 for 2021

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1. Glomus tumour is seen in?

a. pituitary

b. adrenal

c. liver

d. finger

2. Hunterian ligature is used in?

a. varicose vein

b. popliteal aneurysm

c. av malformation

d. limb ischemia

3. Treatment of medullary carcinoma thyroid?

a. surgery alone

b. radioiodine ablation

c. surgery and radiotherapy

d. chemo and radiation

4. In a patient of carcinoma breast supraclavicular lymph nodes are positive for metastasis. stage is?

a. ii

b. iiib

c. iiic

d. iv

5. Best test to diagnose gerd and quantify acid output is?

a. esophagogram

b. endoscopy

c. 24 hour ph monitoring

d. manometry

6. Virchows triad includes a/e?

a. injury to vein

b. venous thrombosis

c. venous stasis

d. hypercoagulability of blood

7. A 25 year male presented with pain abdomen, on usg mixed echogenicity was found at left renal hilum and a multifocal necrotic mass is detected. probable diagnosis is?

a. metastatic germ cell tumour

b. transitional cell carcinoma

c. lymphoma

d. metastatic malignant melanoma

8. Most common site of cholangio carinoma?

a. distal biliary tree

b. hilum

c. intrahepatic biliary duct

d. multifocal

9. True about gleasons staging?

a. score from 1 - 10

b. high score is associated with bad prognosis

c. helps in grading of tumour

d. helps deceide treatment modality

10. Most common cause of acute mesentric ischemia?

a. thrombosis

b. embolism

c. non occlusive mesentric ischemia

11. M woman noticed mass on breast with bloody discharge. histopath revealed duct ectasia. treatment is?

a. microdochectomy

b. lobectomy

c. radical duct excision

d. simple mastectomy


12. A 7 yr old girl with non productive cough, mild stridor for 3 months duration. Patient is improving but suddenly developed wheeze productive cough mild fever and hyperlucency on cxr and pft shows obstructive curve. diagnosis is?

a. bronchiolitis obliterans

b. hemosiderosis

c. pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis

d. follicular bronchitis

13.3. 5 kg term male baby born of uncomplicated pregnancy developed respiratory distress at birth not responded to surfactant, echo is normal, cxr shows ground glass appearance. culture negative. apgar score 4 and 5 at 1 and 5 min. hostory of i month female sibling died before. diagnosis?

a. tapvc

b. meconium aspiration

c. neonatal plmonary alveolar proteinosis

d. diffuse herpes simplex infection

14. All are true about congenital rubella except?

a. igg persists for more than 6 months

b. igm antibody is present at birth

c. most common anomalies are hearing and heart defects

d. increased congenital malformation if infection after 16 weeks

15. A 10 yr old child is always restless inattentive to study and always wants to play outside. parents are extremely distressed. what would you advise?

a. it՚s a normalbehaviour

b. behaviour therapy

c. it՚s a serious illness requires medical treatment

d. needs change in environment

16. A 2yr old child brought to emergency at 3 am . child has barky cough and stridor only while crying. narmal hydration rr-36/min t-39.6 c . what will be your next step?

a. racemic epinephrine nebulisation

b. high dose dexamethasone inj

c. nasal was for influenza/rsv

d. antibiotics and blood culture

17. Bad prognostic factor for all is?

a. age 2 - 8 years

b. tlc < 50000 >

c. hyperdiploidy

d. t (9: 22) , t (8: 14) , t (4: 11)


18. In mc roberts manoeuvre hip is flexed against mothers abdomen. this leads to injury of which nerve?

a. lumbosacral trunk

b. obturator n

c. femoral n.

d. lateral cutaneous n of thigh

19. All are done in management of shoulder dystocia except?

a. fundal pressure

b. mc roberts manoeuvre

c. suprapubic pressure

d. wood s manoeuvre

20. A 25 year old married nullipara undergoes laproscopic cystectomy for ovarian cyst which on histopath reveals serous ovarian adenocarcinoma. what should be the next management?

a. serial ca-125 and follow up

b. hysterectomy and salpingooophorectomy

c. hysterectomy + radiotherapy

d. radiotherapy

21. Safest vasopressor in pregnancy is?

a. ephedrine

b. phenylephrine

c. methoxamine

d. mephentine

22. Fallopian tube dysmotility is seen in?

a. noonan syn

b. turner syn

c. kartagener syn

d. marfan syn

23. All of the following investigations are used in figo staging of carcinoma cervix except?

a. cect

b. ivp

c. cystoscopy

c. proctosigmoidoscopy

24. Clue cells are found in?

a. candidial vaginosis

b. bacterial vaginosis

c. trichomoniasis

25. Best indicator of ovarian reserve is?

a. fsh

b. estradiol

c. lh

d. fsh/lh ratio

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