NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 27 for 2021

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1. Cognitive model of depression is given by?

a. godfrey

b. beck

2. Most recent marker of ect is?

a. 5-hiaa

b. csf dopamine

c. brain derived growth factor

d. thyroxine


3. Fastest route of absorption of local anaesthetic is?

a. intercostal

b. epidural

c. brachial

d. caudal

4. All of the following cause neurolept malignant syndrome except?

a. amantadine

b. haloperidol

c. metoclopramide

d. domperidone

5. Which drug acts through alpha subunit of gaba receptor?

6. The highest percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids are present in:

a. Groundnut oil.

b. Soybean oil.

c. Margarine.

d. Palm oil.

7. Vitamin A deficiency is considered a public health problem if prevalence rate of night blindness in children between 6 months to 6 years is more than:

a. 0.01 %

b. 0.05 %

c. 0.1 %

d. 1.0 %

8. All of the following indicators are included in Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI) except:

a. Infant mortality rate

b. Life expectancy at age one

c. Literacy rate

d. Per capita income

9. In all of the following diseases chronic carries are found except:

a. Measles

b. Typhoid.

c. Hepatitis B

d. Gonorrhea

10. Specificity of screening test is the ability of test to detect:

a. True positives

b. False positives

c. False Negatives

d. True Negatives

11. Anagen phase of the hair indicates:

a. The phase of activity and growth

b. The phase of transition

c. The phase of resting

d. The phase of degeneration.

12. ‘Chancre redux’ is a clinical feature of:

a. Early relapsing syphilis

b. Late syphilis

c. Chancroid

d. Recurrent herpes simplex infection

13. Max Joseph՚s space is a histopathological feature of:

a. Psoriasis vulgaris.

b. Lichen planus

c. Pityriasis rosea

d. Parapsoriasis

14. MIvermectin is indicated in the treatment of:

a. Syphilis

b. Scabies

c. Tuberculosis

d. Dermatophytosis

15. The main cytokine, involved in erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) reaction, is:

a. Interleukin-2

b. Interferon – gamma.

c. Tumor necrosis factor – alpha.

d. Macrophage colony stimulating factor

16. The following drug is not used for the treatment of type II lepra reaction:

a. Chloroquin

b. Thalidomide

c. Cyclosporine

d. Corticosteroids

Answer: a

17. The following test is not used for diagnosis of leprosy:

a. Lepromin test

b. Slit skin smear

c. Fine needle aspiration cytology.

d. Skin biopsy.

Answer: a

18. Air-borne contact dermatitis can be diagnosed by:

a. Skin biopsy

b. Patch test

c. Prick test

d. Estimation of serum IgE levels

Answer: b

19. The malunion of supracondylar fracture of the humerus most commonly leads to:

a. Flexion deformity.

b. Cubitus varus.

c. Cubitus valgus.

d. Extension deformity

Answer: b

20. A 30 year old male resents with numbness of both lower limbs and right upper limb. Examination reveals pulse 88/minute and B P – 160/110 mm of Hg. He also has digital gangrene involving right 2nd and 3rd finger, urine routine examination is unremarkable microscopic examination shows RBC՚s hemogram and serum biochemistry is within normal limits. What is the most probable diagnosis?

a. Systemic lupus erythematosus

b. Polyateritis nodosa

c. Malignant Hypertension

d. Churg-Strauss syndrome

Answer: b

21. All of the following are used for giving skeletal traction, except:

a. Steinmann՚s pin.

b. Kirschner՚s wire

c. Bohler՚s stirrup

d. Rush pin

Answer: d

22. All of the following are complications of supracondylar fracture of humerus in children, except:

a. Compartment syndrome.

b. Myositis ossificans.

c. Malunion.

d. Non Union.

Answer: d

23. The lesions associated with recurrent dislocation of shoulder include all, except:

a. Hill – Sach՚s lesion.

b. Bankart՚s lesion

c. Capsular laxity

d. Supraspinatus tear

Answer: d

24. All of the following are the causes of sudden increase in pain in osteochondroma, except:

a. Sarcomatous change

b. Fracture

c. Bursitis

d. Degenerative changes

Answer: c

25. All of the following muscles have dual nerve supply, except:

a. Brachialis

b. Pectineus

c. Flexor digitorum superficialis

d. Flexor diagitorum profundus.

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