NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 29 for 2021

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1. In which of the following heart diseases maternal mortality is found to be highest?

a. Eisenmenger՚s comlex

b. Coarctation of aorta

c. Mitral stenosis

d. Aortic stenosis

Answer: b

2. All of the following are the complications in the new born of the diabetic mother except:

a. Hyper bilirubinemia

b. Hyperglycemia

c. Hypocalcemia

d. Hypomagnesemia

Answer: d

3. The shortest diameter in fetal head is:

a. Biparietal diameter

b. Suboccipito frontal diameter

c. Occipito frontal diameter

d. Bitemporal diameter

Answer: c

4. A twenty year old patient presented with early pregnancy for MedicalTermination of Pregnancy (MTP) in day care facility. What will be the anestheticinduction agent of choice?

a. Thiopentone

b. Ketamine

c. Propofol

d. Diazepam

Answer: b

5. Which organ is the primary site of hematopoiesis in the fetus before midpregnancy?

a. Bone

b. Liver

c. Spleen

d. Lung

Answer: d

6. Which one of the following is the description used for the term allodynia during pain management?

a. Absence of pain perception

b. Complete lack of pain sensation.

c. Unpleasant sensation with or without a stimulus

d. Perception of an ordinarily nonnoxious stimulus as severe pain

Answer: c

7. Which of the following inhalational agents has the minimum blood gas solubility coefficient?

a. Isoflurance.

b. Sevoflurane.

c. Desflurane.

d. Nitrous oxide.

Answer: d

8. Which of the following is the neuromuscular blocking agent with the shortest onset of action?

a. Mivacurium

b. Vecuroniuum.

c. Rapacuronium.

d. Succinylcholine.

Answer: c

9. Administration of Glucose solution is prescribed for all of the following situations except:

a. Neonates

b. Child of a diabetic mother

c. History of unconsiciousness

d. History of hypoglycemia

Answer: a

10. Which one of the following brain tumors is vascular in nature?

a. Glioblastoma.

b. Meningiomas.

c. C P angle epidermoid.

d. Pituitory adenomas.

Answer: a

11. Which of the following cranial nerves present in the posterior fossa?

a. 3rd to 12th

b. 4th to 12th

c. 5th to 12th

d. 6th to 12th

Answer: d

12. All of the following drugs are used for managing status epilepticus except:

a. Phenytoin.

b. Diazepam.

c. Thiopentone sodium.

d. Carbamazepine.

Answer: c

13. Cushing՚s Triad includes all except:

a. Hypertension.

b. Bradycardia.

c. Hypothermia.

d. Irregular respiration.

Answer: d

14. The causes of systemic secondary insult to injured brain include all of the following except:

a. Hpercapnia.

b. Hypoxaemia.

c. Hypotension

d. Hypothermia.

Answer: d

15. Neostigmine antagonizes non-depolarizing blockade by all of the following mechanisms, except:

a. Decreasing the break down of Acetylcholine at the motor end plate.

b. Preventing K efflux from the cell.

c. Increasing the release of Acetylcholine at the motor endplate.

d. Depolarization of the motor endplate.

Answer: a

16. All of the following factors influence hemoglobin dissociation curve, except:

a. Calcium gluconate.

b. CO2 tension.

c. Temperature.

d. Betablockers.

Answer: d

17. All of the following are used for treatment of hyperkalaemia except:

a. Calcium gluconate.

b. Sodium bicarbonate.

c. Intravenous infusion of glucose with insulin.

d. Beta-blockers

Answer: a

18. A 30 year old patient presented with history of jaundice for 10 days. His liver function tests showed bilirubin of 10 mg/dl, SGOT/SGPT – 1100/1450, serum alkaline phosphatase – 240 IU. He was positive for HbsAg. What should be the confirmatory test to establish acute hepatitis B infection?

a. IgM Anti-HBc antibody.

b. HbeAg.

c. HBV DNA by PCR.

d. Anti-HBc antibody.

Answer: a

19. Which one of the following is the correct statement regarding coronary food flow?

a. Coronary blood flow is directly related to perfusion pressure and inversely related to resistance.

b. Coronary blood flow is inversely related to perfusion pressure and directly related to resistance.

c. Coronary blood flow is directly related to perfusion pressure and also to resistance.

d. Coronary blood flow is directly related to both pressures and resistance.

20. The most significant adverse effect of ACE inhibition is:

a. Hypotension.

b. Hypertension.

c. Hypocalcemia.

d. Hypercalcemia rate.

Answer: d

21. The loading dose of Aminophylline is:

a. 50 – 75 ug/kg.

b. 0.5 – 1.0 mg/kg.

c. 2.0 – 3.5 mg/kg.

s. 5 – 6 mg/kg.

Answer: a

22. A premature infant is born with a patent ductus arterious. Its closure can be stimulated by administration of:

a. Prostaglandin analogue.

b. Estrogen.

c. Anti-estrogen compounds.

d. Prostaglandin inhibitors.

Answer: d

23. A midline cleft lip is due to the failure of fusion between:

a. Maxillary processes.

b. Medial nasal processes.

c. Medial and lateral nasal process.

d. Medial nasal and maxillary process.

Answer: d

24. Lumbar hemivertebra results due to the abnormal development of:

a. Dorsal sclerotome.

b. Intermediate cell mass.

c. Notochord.

d. Ventral sclerotome.

Answer: a

25. The defective migration of neural crest cell results in:

a. Congential megacolon.

b. Albinism.

c. Adrenogenital hypoplasia.

d. Dentinogenesis imperfecta.

Answer: c

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