NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 33 for 2021

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1. Which one of the common side effects is seen with fentanyl?

1. Chest wall rigidly

2. Tachycardia

3. Pain in abdomen

4. Hypertension

Answer: a

2. Psammoma bodies are seen in all except?

a. follicular carcinoma of thyroid

b. meningioma

c. serous cystadenoma

d. RCC

Answer: a

3. All are traumatic asphyxia except?

a. railway accident

b. road traffic accident

c. accidental strangulation

d. stampede in crowd

Answer: c

4. The vaccine having highest efficacy?

a. measles

b. tetanus

c. BCG

d. Pertussis

Answer: b

5. Vaginal delivery is allowed in all except?

a. monochorionic monoamniotic twins

b. first twin cephalic and second breech

c. extended breech

d. mentoanterior

answer: a

6. Creamy and fishy odour vaginal discharge is seen in?

a. Chlamydia trachomatis

b. Gardenerella vaginalis

c. Trichomonas

d. Candida

Answer: b

7. Superior gluteal nerve supplies all except?

a. gluteus maximus

b. gluteus medius

c. gluteus minimus

d. tensor fascia lata

Answer: a

8. In a person with subclinical folate deficiency , all of the following will precipitate folate deficiency except?

a. alcohol

b. chloroquine

c. phenytoin

d. sulfasalazine

Answer: b

9. Marker for dysgerminoma?

a. beta HCG

b. AFP

c. Ca-19 - 9

d. LDH

Answer: d

10. Neural tube closure starts from?

a. cervical

b. thoracic

c. lumbar

d. cranial

Answer: a

11. Chemoprophylaxis is not used in?

a. cholera

b. typhoid

c. meningococcal meningitis

d. plague

Answer: b

12. Composite muscles are all except?

a. flexor digitorum superficialis

b. flexor carpi ulnaris

c. pectineus

d. biceps femoris

Answer: b

13. Stellate wound is produced by?

a. contact wound

b. from close range

c. 2 meters range

d. Long range

Answer: a.

14. Drug which can be used in any degree of renal failure?

a. cefepime

b. cefoperazone

c. cephaloridine

d. cefuroxime

Answer: b

15. Stenosis of subclavian artery is common in which part?

a. first part

b. second part

c. third part

d. equal in all parts

Answer: a

16. Ifosfamide belongs to which class?

a. alkylating agents

b. anticancer antibiotics

c. folate antagonists

d. antimetabolite

Answer: a

17. Hirsutism is present in all except?

a. hyperthyroidism

b. acromegaly

c. cushing syndrome

d. hyperprolactinemia

Answer: a

18. Which of the following is not a branch of the splenic artery?

a. pancreatica magna

b. right gastroepiploic artery

c. short gastric arteries

d. hilar vessels

Answer: b

19. Sleep is controlled by which centre?

a. thalamus

b. hypothalamus

c. limbic cortex

d. putamen

Answer: b

20. Myodesis is contraindicated in?

a. children

b. tumor

c. ischemia

d. paralysis

Answer: c

21. Smoking is not associated with which carcinoma?

a. esophagus

b. bladder

c. larynx

d. nasopharynx

Answer: d

22. Which is the latest guideline used in calculating disability?

a. absentism from job

b. economic productivity

c. fever

d. loss of sleep

Answer: a

23. Which of the following is best for diagnosing posterior longitudinal ligament calcification?

a. MRI

b. CT

c. X-RAY

d. USG

Answer: b

24. Which is expressed by GIST?

a. CD 117

b. CD 34

c. CD 45

d. S 100

Answer: a

25. Concomitant chemo-radiotherapy given in all except?

a. carcinoma anal canal

b. nasopharyngeal carcinoma

c. stage 3 carcinoma cervix

d. T2N0M0 glottic carcinoma

Answer: d

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