NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 33 for 2019

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1. Which one of the common side effects is seen with fentanyl?

1. Chest wall rigidly

2. Tachycardia

3. Pain in abdomen

4. Hypertension


2. Psammoma bodies are seen in all except ?

a. follicular carcinoma of thyroid

b. meningioma

c. serous cystadenoma

d. RCC

Answer: a

3. All are traumatic asphyxia except ?

a. railway accident

b. road traffic accident

c. accidental strangulation

d. stampede in crowd

Answer: c

4. The vaccine having highest efficacy ?

a. measles

b. tetanus

c. BCG

d. Pertussis

Answer: b

5. Vaginal delivery is allowed in all except ?

a. monochorionic monoamniotic twins

b. first twin cephalic and second breech

c. extended breech

d. mentoanterior

answer: a

6. Creamy and fishy odour vaginal discharge is seen in ?

a. Chlamydia trachomatis

b. Gardenerella vaginalis

c. Trichomonas

d. Candida

Answer: b

7. Superior gluteal nerve supplies all except ?

a. gluteus maximus

b. gluteus medius

c. gluteus minimus

d. tensor fascia lata

Answer: a

8. In a person with subclinical folate deficiency , all of the following will precipitate folate deficiency except ?

a. alcohol

b. chloroquine

c. phenytoin

d. sulfasalazine

Answer: b

9. Marker for dysgerminoma ?

a. beta HCG

b. AFP

c. Ca-19-9

d. LDH

Answer: d

10. Neural tube closure starts from ?

a. cervical

b. thoracic

c. lumbar

d. cranial

Answer: a

11. Chemoprophylaxis is not used in ?

a. cholera

b. typhoid

c. meningococcal meningitis

d. plague

Answer: b

12. Composite muscles are all except ?

a. flexor digitorum superficialis

b. flexor carpi ulnaris

c. pectineus

d. biceps femoris

Answer: b

13. Stellate wound is produced by ?

a. contact wound

b. from close range

c. 2 meters range

d. Long range

Answer: a.

14. Drug which can be used in any degree of renal failure ?

a. cefepime

b. cefoperazone

c. cephaloridine

d. cefuroxime

Answer: b

15. Stenosis of subclavian artery is common in which part ?

a. first part

b. second part

c. third part

d. equal in all parts

Answer: a

16. Ifosfamide belongs to which class ?

a. alkylating agents

b. anticancer antibiotics

c. folate antagonists

d. antimetabolite

Answer: a

17. Hirsutism is present in all except ?

a. hyperthyroidism

b. acromegaly

c. cushing syndrome

d. hyperprolactinemia

Answer: a

18. Which of the following is not a branch of the splenic artery ?

a. pancreatica magna

b. right gastroepiploic artery

c. short gastric arteries

d. hilar vessels

Answer: b

19. Sleep is controlled by which centre ?

a. thalamus

b. hypothalamus

c. limbic cortex

d. putamen

Answer: b

20. Myodesis is contraindicated in ?

a. children

b. tumor

c. ischemia

d. paralysis

Answer: c

21. Smoking is not associated with which carcinoma ?

a. esophagus

b. bladder

c. larynx

d. nasopharynx

Answer: d

22. Which is the latest guideline used in calculating disability ?

a. absentism from job

b. economic productivity

c. fever

d. loss of sleep

Answer: a

23. Which of the following is best for diagnosing posterior longitudinal ligament calcification ?

a. MRI

b. CT

c. X-RAY

d. USG

Answer: b

24. Which is expressed by GIST ?

a. CD 117

b. CD 34

c. CD 45

d. S 100

Answer: a

25. Concomitant chemo-radiotherapy given in all except ?

a. carcinoma anal canal

b. nasopharyngeal carcinoma

c. stage 3 carcinoma cervix

d. T2N0M0 glottic carcinoma

Answer: d