NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 34 for 2019

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1. The drug used in the treatment of osteoporosis which increases bone deposition and also decreases bone resorption?

a. calcitonin

b. ibandronate

c. teriparatide

d. strontium ranelate

answer: d

2. Hand foot syndrome is caused by?

a. mitomycin

b. cisplatin

c. cytarabine

d. capecitabine

answer: d

3. Incidence can be measured by?

a. case control study

b. cross sectional study

c. prospective study

d. retrospective study

answer: c

4. What is the weight of the Indian reference man?

a. 55 kg

b. 60 kg

c. 65 kg

d. 70 kg

Answer: b

5. Endemic relapsing fever is caused by all except?

a. B recurrentis

b. B hermsi

c. B dutonii

d. B parkeri

Answer: a

6. USG shows thickened gall bladder and comet tail artifact. What is the diagnosis?

a. xanthogranulomatosis cholecystitis

b. adenomatous polyp

c. adenomyomatosis

d. gall bladder carcinoma

Answer: c

7. Which of the following pair is incorrect?

a. selenium deficiency causes cardiomyopathy

b. zinc deficiency causes pulmonary fibrosis

c. increased calcium causes iron deficiency

d. vitamin A deficiency occurs after 6 months to 1 year of low vitamin A diet

Answer: b

8. When the variables follow standard distribution?

a. mean = median

b. median = variance

c. mean = 2 median

d. standard deviation = 2 variance

Answer: a

9. Mode of transmission of Q fever?

a. ticks

b. mites

c. aerosols

d. mosquito

Answer: c

10. In obstructive azospermia

a. FSH and LH both increased

b. FSH and LH both decreased

c. FSH and LH both normal

d. FSH decrease but LH increased

Answer: c

11. All are contents in deep perineal pouch except?

a. deep transverse perineal muscles

b. sphincter urethrae

c. root of penis

d. dorsal nerve of penis

Answer: c

12. Vitamin A prophylaxis is?

a. primary prevention

b. secondary prevention

c. tertiary prevention

d. specific protection

Answer: d

13. Finnish type nephrotic syndrome is due to?

a. nephrin gene

b. alpha actinin

c. TRP 6

d. Podocin

Answer: a

14. Which nerve escapes entrapment?

a. femoral

b. radial

c. ulnar

d. deep peroneal nerve

Answer: a

15. Which is not a primary amenorrhea?

a. kallman syndrome

b. sheehan’s syndrome

c. turner syndrome

d. mayer rokitansky kuster hauser syndrome

Answer: b

16. Contraceptive of choice in lactating female?

a. POP

b. OCPs

c. Lactational amenorrhea

d. Barrier

Answer: d

17. What is the function of sertoli cells?

a. testosterone secretion

b. progesterone secretion

c. aid in spermatogenesis

d. seminal fluid secretion

Answer: c

18. Rganelle that plays a pivotal role in apoptosis?

a. cytoplasm

b. mitochondria

c. golgi complex

d. nucleus

Answer: b

19. Scarring alopecia is caused by?

a. lichen planus

b. alopecia areata

c. androgenic

d. tinea capitis

Answer: a

20. Anatomical snuff box contains?

a. radial artery

b. ulnar artery

c. brachial artery

d. interosseus artery

Answer: a

21. A good paravertebral block given by an anaesthetist can go to all except?

a. epidural space

b. subarachnoid space

c. paravertebral space

d. intercostal space

Answer: b

22: IMCI includes all except?

a. TB

b. Malaria

c. Respiratory infections

d. Diarrhea

Answer: a

23. Maximum transmission of HIV occurs through?

a. blood transfusion

b. homosexual

c. heterosexual

d. needle prick

Answer: a

24: HIV enters via?

a. CD 4

b. CD 5

c. CD 6

d. CD 56

Answer: a

25. Trotter’s triad includes all except?

a. deafness

b. palatal palsy

c. trigeminal neuralgia

d. seizures

Answer: d