NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 35 for 2021

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1. C wave in JVP is due to?

a. atrial contraction

b. right atrial filling

c. rapid ventricular filling

d. tricuspid valve bulging into right atrium

Answer: d

2. A 4 year old boy present with recurrent chest infections. Sweat chloride test was done and showed the values of 36 and 42 . what is the next best investigation to confirm the diagnosis?

a. 72 hour fecal estimation

b. CT chest

c. Transepithelial nasal potential difference

d. DNA analysis of delta f 508 mutation

Answer: c

3. Non invasive diarrhea is associated with all except?

a. salmonella

b. shigella

c. yersinia enterocolitica

d. bacillus cereus

Answer: d

4. Maltese cross flouresence may be seen in?

a. Cryptococcus

b. Pencillium

c. Blastomycosis

d. Candida

Answer: a

5. The triad of tuberous sclerosis has all except?

a. facial angiomatosis

b. seizures

c. mental retardation

d. rhabdomyosarcoma

Answer: d

6. All are analytical studies except?

a. field trials

b. case control

c. cohort

d. ecological

Answer: a

7. A 29 year old was taking oral hypoglycemic drugs and he never had ketonuria in his life . his grandfather had diabetes and his father who is the only of his grandfather did not have the disease. The type of diabetis mellitus this person can never have is?

a. type one diabetes mellitus

b. type two diabetes mellitus


d. Pancreatic diabetes mellitus

Answer: a

8. A 24 year old male presenting with abdominal pain, rashes, palpable purpura, arthritis . what is the most probable diagnosis?

a. sweet syndrome

b. meningococcemia

c. HSP

d. Hemochromatosis

Answer: c

9. All are used in the treatment of osteosarcoma except?

a. high dose methotrexate

b. cyclophosphamid

c. cisplatin

d. etoposide

Answer: d

10: CAP in lac operon is an example of?

a. positive regulator

b. negative regulator

c. constitutive expression

d. attenuation

Answer: a

11. Which of the following is seen in extrinsic pathway?

a. factor 12

b. factor 11

c. factor 2

d. factor 7

Answer: d

12. Where is the woodruff area located?

a. posterior area of inferior turbinate

Answer: a

13. All of the following are characteristics of AL amyloidosis except?

a. finger nail dystrophy

b. periorbital ecchymoses

c. macroglossia

d. skin easily destroyed by stress and strain

Answer: d

14. Froment՚s test is used to test which nerve?

a. ulnar nerve .

Answer: a

15: X linked sideroblastic anaemia is due to which enzyme deficiency?

ALA synthase .

Answer: a

16. Thomas test is done for?

a. fixed flexion deformity of hip .

Answer: a

17. What is “spina ventosa” ?

a. tuberculous dactylitis .

Answer: a

18. Which of the following is the mechanism of action of rasburicase?

a. increases the excretion of uric acid

b. increases the formation of uric acid

c. converts conversion of uric acid to allantoin

d. none

Answer: c

19. All of the following are indications of emergency radiotherapy except?

a. superior mediastinal syndrome

b. hemorrage

c. spinal cord compression

d. pathological fracture

Answer: d

20. All of the following are used in postpartum hemorrage except?

a. oxytocics

b. ergometrine

c. misopristol


Answer: c

21. Indinavir is what type of drug?

a. protease inhibitor

Answer: a

22. All of the following are associated with polyhydramnios except?

a. renal agenesis

b. diabetes

c. multiple pregnancy

d. anencephaly

Answer: a

23. All of the following are associated with guillian barre syndrome except?

a. mycoplasma pneumoniae

b. campylobacter jejuni

c. EBV

d. legionella

Answer: d

24. Meleney՚s gangrene is associated with which structure?

a. abdominal wall

Answer: a

25. Clue cells are associated with?

a. gardenerella vaginalis .

Answer: a

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