NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 36 for 2021

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1. C child born to a syphilitic mother will not infect the mother but will infect others . This is called?

a. colle՚s law

b. profeta՚s law

c. kassowitz law

d. diday՚s law

Answer: a

2. Which carcinoma of the thyroid is associated with nodular goitre?

a. follicular thyroid carcinoma

b. papillary thryoid carcinoma

c. medullary carcinoma thyroid

d. none

Answer: a

3. What is ward mayo operation?

a. vaginal hysterectomy with pelvic floor repair .

Answer: a

4. Anderson hynes operation is done for?

a. pelvic ureteric junction obstruction .

Answer: a

5: IUCD can be used as a emergency contraceptive if used with in how many days?

5 days .

Answer: a

6. Glucagon is NOT found in which organ?

a. brain

b. kidney

c. stomach

d. adrenal gland

Answer: a

7. Descending vaginal artery is a branch of?

a. uterine artery .

Answer: a

8. Superior thyroid artery is a branch of?

a. external carotid artery .

Answer: a

9. Right ovarian vein drains into?

a. inferior venacava .

Answer: a

10. Griesinger՚s sign is due to thrombosis of?

a. sagittal sinus

b. mastoid emissary vein

c. both

d. none

Answer: b

11. Ferning of cervical mucus is due to?

a. KCl

b. NaCl

c. CaCl2

d. none

Answer: b

12. Non union is a complication of all except?

a. medial malleolus of tibia

b. lateral condyle of humerus

c. fracture neck of femur intracapsular

d. trochanteric fracture

Answer: d

13. Pond՚s fracture is common in?

a. newborn

b. children

c. adolescents

d. adults

Answer: b

14. What is the cutoff for mid-arm circumference of arm?

a. 10.5 cms

b. 11.5 cms

c. 12.5 cms

d. 13.5 cms

15. Radiation dose to treat early prostatic carcinoma?

a. 50 gy

b. 60 gy

c. 70 gy

d. 80 gy

16. Hyperestrogenic conditions are all except?

a. endometriosis

b. endometrial carcinoma

c. fibroid

d. carcinoma cervix uterii

Answer: d

17. All of the following are branches of the cords of brachial plexus except?

a. ulnar nerve

b. musculocutaneous nerve

c. dorsal scapular nerve

d. medial cutaneous nerve of forearm

Answer: c

18. First antibody produced by newborn?

a. Ig M .

Answer: a

19: 1oo micrograms of anti D RH immunoglobulin is used to neutralise how many millilitres of blood?

a. 1 ml

b. 5 ml

c. 10 ml

d. 15 ml

20. A person was infected with louse and developed a disease . what is the diagnosis?

a. Q fever

b. epidemic typhus

c. endemic typhus

d. none

Answer: b

21. Laser iridotomy is done in?

a. angle closure glaucoma .

Answer: a

22. What is the cyst which arises from the wolffian ducts?

a. gartner՚s duct cyst .

Answer: a

23. Bag and mask ventilation is contraindicated in?

a. congenital diaphragmatic hernia .

Answer: a

24. Heliotrope rash, eyelid edema is seen in?

a. dermatomyositis .

Answer: a

25. Band shaped keratopathy is seen in?

a. hyperparathyroidism

b. uveitis

c. corneal edema

d. none

Answer: a

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