NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 37 for 2021

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1. Exudative retinal detachment is seen in?

a. high myopia

b. diabetes mellitus

c. eales disease

d. uveitis

2. Which of the following is the most common systemic disorder associated with chorea?

a. SLE

b. infections including HIV

c. rheumatoid arthritis

d. none

Answer: a

3. Which of the following is the most common location of atopic dermatitis in children?

a. flexural surfaces

b. extensor surfaces

c. face

d. none

Answer: a

4. Ceftriaxone is the drug of choice in the treatment of?

a. gonorrhea

b. chlamydia

c. both

d. none

Answer: a

5. Which is the gold standard diagnostic test for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria?

a. sucrose lysis test

b. HAM test

c. flow cytometry

d. none

Answer: c


7. Hemolytic uremic syndrome causing anticancer drug?

a. mitomycin - c

b. vincristine

Answer: a

8. What is the treatment of choice for choledochal cyst?

a. excision

Answer: a

9. All of the following are incinerated except?

a. waste sharps

b. solid wastes

c. cytotoxic drugs

d. human wastes

10. Triage is used in?

a. all mass casualties

b. warfare

Answer: a

11. Which of the following is not a feature of renal tubular acidosis type 1?

a. fanconi syndrome

b. stones

Answer: a

12. Brush burn is associated with?

a. electrocution

b. arborescent mark

c. grazed abrasion

Answer: c

13. Time limit for exhumation in India?

a. no time limit

Answer: a

14. Which of the following drugs used in HIV infection can be given subcutaneously?

a. enfuviritide .

Answer: a

15. What is the mechanism of action of maraviroc?

a. CCR5 inhibitor .

Answer: a

16. The drug with least extrapyramidal symptoms?

a. haloperidol

b. clozapine

Answer: b

17. Confirmatory test for hydronephrosis?

a. clinical examination

b. X ray

c. ultrasound

d. none

Answer: c

18. Calymmatobacterium is?

a. gram positive

b. gram negative

c. acid fast

d. none

Answer: b

19. Single umbilical artery is associated with?

a. congenital fetal anamolies .

Answer: a

20. All of the following cause definitive hemolysis in G6PD deficiency except?

a. naphthalene

b. ciprofloxacin

c. primaquine

Answer: b

21. What is the cause of jaundice in a new born?

a. erythroblastosis foetalis .

Answer: a

22. Most common type of diaphragmatic hernia?

a. left bochdalek

b. right bochdalek

c. left morgagni

d. right morgagni

Answer: d

23. Narath՚s hernia all are true except?

a. only due to congenital dislocation of hip

b. due to lateral displacement of psoas muscle

c. hernia hidden behind femoral vessels

24. Most common site of ectopia testis?

a. superficial inguinal pouch

b. femoral region

c. perineum

d. none

25. Which is the most common site of testicular torsion?

a. hydatid of morgagni

b. epididymis

Answer: a

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