NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 38 for 2019

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1. All of the following are complications of pleural biospy except ?

a. seeding of tumor

b. air embolism

c. pulmonary embolism

d. transient fever

Answer: c

2. Fogarty's catheter is used for ?

a. arterial embolectomy

b. venous embolectomy

c. arterial endoarterectomy

d. none

3. Circumcision is contraindicated in ?

a. hypospadias

b. balanitis

c. balanophthitis

d. none

Answer: a

4. Which of the following is fasle about carcinoma of cervix ?

a. vaginal delivery is contraindicated in carcinoma in situ of cervix

b. cone biopsy is not done in pregnancy

c. follow up of the case after delivery

Answer: a

5. Most common site of lodgement of venous emboli ?

a. heart

b. lungs

c. intestine

6. Cysts in PAN are not seen in ?

a. kidney

b. lungs

c. spleen

d. liver

Answer: b

7: Hepatitis C virus is associated with all except ?

a. cryoglobulinemia

b. lichen planus

c. PAN

8. Which of the following is the most common contraceptive method in nulliparous women ?


b. minipill

c. combined OCP

9. Which of the following used as an emergency contraceptive can be used to maintain on going contraception ?


b. yuzpe regimen

c. RU 486

d. morning after pill

10. All of the following are used in prophylaxis for DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS except ?

a. enoxaparin

b. aspirin

c. intermittent pneumatic compression

d. oxygen chamber

11. NADPH is used for ?

a. lipid synthesis and glutathione reaction .

Answer: a

12. Sphincter contraction is most commonly due to ?

a. anal fissure

b. anal fistula

c. prolapsed haemorrhoids

13. Which of the following is the most common cause of rectal bleeding in children ?

14. A substance called gusten which helps in taste has which of the following ?

a. copper

b. cobalt

c. magnesium

d. zinc

15. Fish is a good source of all except ?

a. iodine

b. iron

c. vitamin A

16. In hospitalised patients all of the following causes hypoglycemia except ?

a. addison's disease

b. insulin

c. sulfonyl ureas

d. renal failure

17. Hooked vertebrae are seen in ?

a. hurler's syndrome

b. marquio's disease

c. marfan's syndrome

Answer: b

18. All of the following causes increased erythropoietin production except ?

a. lipoma

b. renal tumors

c. hepatoma

d. fibromyoma

Answer: a

19. Submucosal glands are seen in all except ?

a. trachea

b. oesophagus

c. stomach

d. duodenum

20. Smoking is associated with all except ?

a. respiratory bronchiolitis

b. langerhans cell histiocytosis

c. interstitial lung disease

Answer: b

21. After complete atropinization of man , acetyl choline is given to a man , which of the

following will u observe ?

a. first degree heart block

b. urination and defecation

c. death due to arrythmias

22. Which of the following is false regarding drug of choice ?

a. strongyloides - ivermectin

b. diphyllobothrium latum - praziquantel

c. enterobius - pyrantel pamoate

23. In which of the following infection do you see encysted , hyalinized capsule in the skeletal muscle ?

a. trichinella .

Answer: a

24. Which of the following is used in the rapid identfication of candida ?

a. germ tube method

b. culture in solid

c. culture in liquid

d. growing in an animal

Answer: a

25. All of the following are true about barytosis except ?

a. it involves the lower lobes

b. it is due to ingestion of barium sulfate

c. symptoms persist even after stoppage of exposure