NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 38 for 2021

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1. All of the following are complications of pleural biospy except?

a. seeding of tumor

b. air embolism

c. pulmonary embolism

d. transient fever

Answer: c

2. Fogarty՚s catheter is used for?

a. arterial embolectomy

b. venous embolectomy

c. arterial endoarterectomy

d. none

3. Circumcision is contraindicated in?

a. hypospadias

b. balanitis

c. balanophthitis

d. none

Answer: a

4. Which of the following is fasle about carcinoma of cervix?

a. vaginal delivery is contraindicated in carcinoma in situ of cervix

b. cone biopsy is not done in pregnancy

c. follow up of the case after delivery

Answer: a

5. Most common site of lodgement of venous emboli?

a. heart

b. lungs

c. intestine

6. Cysts in PAN are not seen in?

a. kidney

b. lungs

c. spleen

d. liver

Answer: b

7: Hepatitis C virus is associated with all except?

a. cryoglobulinemia

b. lichen planus

c. PAN

8. Which of the following is the most common contraceptive method in nulliparous women?


b. minipill

c. combined OCP

9. Which of the following used as an emergency contraceptive can be used to maintain on going contraception?


b. yuzpe regimen

c. RU 486

d. morning after pill

10. All of the following are used in prophylaxis for DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS except?

a. enoxaparin

b. aspirin

c. intermittent pneumatic compression

d. oxygen chamber

11. NADPH is used for?

a. lipid synthesis and glutathione reaction .

Answer: a

12. Sphincter contraction is most commonly due to?

a. anal fissure

b. anal fistula

c. prolapsed haemorrhoids

13. Which of the following is the most common cause of rectal bleeding in children?

14. A substance called gusten which helps in taste has which of the following?

a. copper

b. cobalt

c. magnesium

d. zinc

15. Fish is a good source of all except?

a. iodine

b. iron

c. vitamin A

16. In hospitalised patients all of the following causes hypoglycemia except?

a. addison՚s disease

b. insulin

c. sulfonyl ureas

d. renal failure

17. Hooked vertebrae are seen in?

a. hurler՚s syndrome

b. marquio՚s disease

c. marfan՚s syndrome

Answer: b

18. All of the following causes increased erythropoietin production except?

a. lipoma

b. renal tumors

c. hepatoma

d. fibromyoma

Answer: a

19. Submucosal glands are seen in all except?

a. trachea

b. oesophagus

c. stomach

d. duodenum

20. Smoking is associated with all except?

a. respiratory bronchiolitis

b. langerhans cell histiocytosis

c. interstitial lung disease

Answer: b

21. After complete atropinization of man , acetyl choline is given to a man , which of the

following will u observe?

a. first degree heart block

b. urination and defecation

c. death due to arrythmias

22. Which of the following is false regarding drug of choice?

a. strongyloides - ivermectin

b. diphyllobothrium latum - praziquantel

c. enterobius - pyrantel pamoate

23. In which of the following infection do you see encysted , hyalinized capsule in the skeletal muscle?

a. trichinella .

Answer: a

24. Which of the following is used in the rapid identfication of candida?

a. germ tube method

b. culture in solid

c. culture in liquid

d. growing in an animal

Answer: a

25. All of the following are true about barytosis except?

a. it involves the lower lobes

b. it is due to ingestion of barium sulfate

c. symptoms persist even after stoppage of exposure

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