NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 39 for 2021

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1. All are true about colles fracture except?

a. dinner fork deformity

b. posterior dislocation of the fragment

c. malunion is a common complication

d. shoulder stiffness is common

Answer: d

2. Which of the following is not true about tuberculosis in HIV?

a. typical chest X ray appearance of tuberculosis

b. cavitation is less

c. disseminated

Answer: a

3. Diagnostic signs of ABPA (allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis) are all except?

a. pulmonary infiltrates

b. bronchial asthma

c. organisms in sputum

4. Which of the following is a oncofetal antigen?

a. CA - 125

b. CEA

5. Human placental lactogen (HPL) is produced from?

a. syncytiotrophoblast

b. cytotrophoblast

6. All of the following develop from endoderm except?

a. sertoli cells

b. follicles of ovary

c. germ cells

d. leydig cells

7: Question on vaccine?

8. Which of the following is a goitrogen?

a. potato

b. cauliflower

c. carrot

d. brinjal

9. Pyromania is a type of?

a. obsession

b. impulse

c. delusion

d. phobia

10. Weinberg՚s ligament is the other name of?

a. medial palpebral ligament

11. Escharatomy is done for?

a. circumferential full thickness burns

b. partial thickness burns

Answer: a

12. Giving vitamin A in children is a type of?

a. primordial prevention

b. specific protection

c. secondary prevention

d. health promotion

13. Carrier of genetic material?

a. DNA cistrons

b. codons of m RNA

c. anti codons of t RNA

d. none

Answer: a

14. Incidence is calculated in?

a. case control study

b. cross sectional study

c. prospective study

d. retrospective study

Answer: c

15. The overall effect of a program on a community is?

a. efficiency

b. effectiveness

c. impact

16. Soemmering՚s ring is an example of?

a. after cataract

Answer: a

17. Which of the following cannot be visualised my PA view of chest X ray?

a. posterior mediastinal tumor

b. middle lobe collapse

c. lower lobe collapse

Answer: a

18. Minimal pleural effusion can be best visualised by?

a. PA view

b. AP view

c. lateral view

d. lateral decubitus view

Answer: d

19. Most common sinus involved in children?

a. ethmoid

b. maxillary

c. frontal

d. sphenoid

20. Which of the following does not open into middle meatus?

a. frontal sinus

b. ethmoid sinus

c. sphenoid sinus

d. maxillary sinus

Answer: c

21. All are true about nasopharyngeal carcinoma except?

a. the most common type is adenocarcinoma

b. presents with mass in neck

c. presents with epistaxis

d. deafness can be a symptom

Answer: a

22. Congenital rubella syndrome is associated with all except?

a. blindness

b. deafness

c. hutchinson՚s teeth

Answer: c

23. Most common type of hip dislocation is?

a. anterior

b. posterior

c. central

d. none

Answer: b

24. All are true about posterior dislocation of elbow except?

a. increase in anterio posterior length

b. shorness of forearm

c. intactness of triple bony points

d. myositis ossificans is a common complication

Answer: c

25. Heterophoria is?

a. difference in the images of both eyes

b. latent squint

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