NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 39 for 2019

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1. All are true about colles fracture except ?

a. dinner fork deformity

b. posterior dislocation of the fragment

c. malunion is a common complication

d. shoulder stiffness is common

Answer: d

2. Which of the following is not true about tuberculosis in HIV ?

a. typical chest X ray appearance of tuberculosis

b. cavitation is less

c. disseminated

Answer: a

3. Diagnostic signs of ABPA ( allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis ) are all except ?

a. pulmonary infiltrates

b. bronchial asthma

c. organisms in sputum

4. Which of the following is a oncofetal antigen ?

a. CA - 125

b. CEA

5. Human placental lactogen ( HPL ) is produced from ?

a. syncytiotrophoblast

b. cytotrophoblast

6. All of the following develop from endoderm except ?

a. sertoli cells

b. follicles of ovary

c. germ cells

d. leydig cells

7: Question on vaccine?

8. Which of the following is a goitrogen ?

a. potato

b. cauliflower

c. carrot

d. brinjal

9. Pyromania is a type of ?

a. obsession

b. impulse

c. delusion

d. phobia

10. Weinberg's ligament is the other name of ?

a. medial palpebral ligament

11. Escharatomy is done for ?

a. circumferential full thickness burns

b. partial thickness burns

Answer: a

12. Giving vitamin A in children is a type of ?

a. primordial prevention

b. specific protection

c. secondary prevention

d. health promotion

13. Carrier of genetic material ?

a. DNA cistrons

b. codons of m RNA

c. anti codons of t RNA

d. none

Answer: a

14. Incidence is calculated in ?

a. case control study

b. cross sectional study

c. prospective study

d. retrospective study

Answer: c

15. The overall effect of a program on a community is ?

a. efficiency

b. effectiveness

c. impact

16. Soemmering's ring is an example of ?

a. after cataract

Answer: a

17. Which of the following cannot be visualised my PA view of chest X ray ?

a. posterior mediastinal tumor

b. middle lobe collapse

c. lower lobe collapse

Answer: a

18. Minimal pleural effusion can be best visualised by ?

a. PA view

b. AP view

c. lateral view

d. lateral decubitus view

Answer: d

19. Most common sinus involved in children ?

a. ethmoid

b. maxillary

c. frontal

d. sphenoid

20. Which of the following does not open into middle meatus ?

a. frontal sinus

b. ethmoid sinus

c. sphenoid sinus

d. maxillary sinus

Answer: c

21. All are true about nasopharyngeal carcinoma except ?

a. the most common type is adenocarcinoma

b. presents with mass in neck

c. presents with epistaxis

d. deafness can be a symptom

Answer: a

22. Congenital rubella syndrome is associated with all except ?

a. blindness

b. deafness

c. hutchinson's teeth

Answer: c

23. Most common type of hip dislocation is ?

a. anterior

b. posterior

c. central

d. none

Answer: b

24. All are true about posterior dislocation of elbow except ?

a. increase in anterio posterior length

b. shorness of forearm

c. intactness of triple bony points

d. myositis ossificans is a common complication

Answer: c

25. Heterophoria is ?

a. difference in the images of both eyes

b. latent squint