NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 4 for 2021

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1. Most common presentation in endemic goitre?

a. hypothryoidism

b. adenoma

c. diffuse goiter

Answer: c

2. Which of the following is not malignant?

a. adenolymphoma

b. adenoid cystic carcinoma

c. acinic cell

Answer: a

3. Which of the following is associated with destruction of valves?

a. acute infective endocarditis

b. libman sach

c. rheumatic

Answer: a

4. Which of the following is not the cause of Myocardial infarction?

a. coxsackie B

b. lead poisoining

Answer: N/A

5. Which of the following is dimorphic fungi?

a. sporothtrix schenki

b. Cryptococcus

Answer: a

6. What is the size of particle is rapid sand filter?

a. o. 1 mm

b. 0.2

c. 0.5

d. 0.8

Answer: c

7. What is diagnosed by xenodiagnosis?

a. chagas

b. malaria

c. kala azar

Answer: a

8. Whip test is used for?

a. candida

b. gardenella

c. trichomonas

Answer: c

9. No need to treat partner in?

a. trichomonas

b. gardenella

c. herpex genitalis

d. candida

Answer: d

10. Most common cause of primary adrenal insufficiency in india?

a. autoimmune

b. TB

Answer: b

11. Which is false about crytpogenic TB?

a. age < 40 years

b. weight loss

c. definited diagnosis by liver and bonemarrow biopsy

d. anorexia

Answer: a

12. Which is not associated with ANCA?

a. PAN

b. wegeners

c. HSP

d. Microscopic polyangitis

Answer: c

13. Most common employed sterisation technique?

a. pomeroys

Answer: a

14. Pill given in lactation?

a. minipill

b. combined pill

Answer: a

15. Chorangioma of placenta associated with?

a. oligo hydramnios

b. polyhydramnios

Answer: b

16. Drug of choice in eclampsia?

a. magnesium sulphate

Answer: a

17. Ligament used to maintain anteversion?

a. triangular ligament

b. uterosacral

c. broad

Answer: b

18. Which is not germ cell tumour?

a. dysgerminoma

b. brenner

Answer: b

19. Most common type of choledochal cyst?

a. type 1

b. type 2

c. type 3

d. type 6

Answer: a

20. Acquiring culture in society called?

a. socialisation

b. acculturation

Answer: b

21. Not used in epidemic?

a. Increasing demands for resources

Answer: a

22. What is not true about cross sectional study?

a. also called prevalence study

b. tells etiology

c. shows pattern of disease

d. tells prevalence

Answer: b

23. What is not true about point source epidemic?

a. plateau phase

Answer: a

24. Strain used for measles?

a. edmonston

b. ra 27/3

c. 17 d

Answer: a

25. Which is not true about cephalohaematoma?

a. not limited by sutures

b. swelling subsides in 3 months

c. caused by periosteal injury of skull

Answer: a

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