NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 40 for 2021

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1. Nystagmus can be induced by all except?

a. caloric test

b. optokinetic test

c. patch test

2. What is the treatment of choice for absolute glaucoma?

a. trabeculectomy

b. iridotomy

3. What is the treatment of choice for primary peritonitis?

a. laparatomy with peritoneal toilet

b. laparascopy with peritoneal lavage

c. conservative management

4. Disproportionationate growth retardation is seen in all except?

a. cretinism

b. achondroplasia

c. hypopituitarism

d. rickets

Answer: b

5. Acidity of urine is mostly due to?

a. amino acids

b. uric acid

6. Glomerular endotheliosis in pregnant women is seen in?

a. pre-eclampsia

b. diabetes

7. All of the physiological changes occur in pregnancy except?

a. increased cardiac output

b. increased heart rate

c. increased stroke volume

d. increased peripheral resistance

Answer: d

8. All are true about pulsus parvus except?

a. seen in aortic stenosis

b. decreased left ventricular output

c. decreased peripheral resistance

d. decreased pulse pressure

Answer: c

9. Which of the following test is most sensitive for diabetic nephropathy?

a. creatinine clearance

b. glucose tolerance test

c. serum creatinine

d. urine albumin

10. Increase in radius of resistance vessels causes?

a. increase in capillary blood flow

b. increase in peripheral resistance

11. Blood for HLA typing is taken from?

a. newborn

b. adolescent

c. adult women

d. adult man

12. All of the following are major criteria for toxic shock syndrome except?

a. mucosal membranes involved

b. erythematous lesions all over body

c. temperature greater than 38.8 degree celsius

13. All of the following are true about aberrant renal vessels except?

14. The most common cause of ulcers in diabetic foot?

a. neuropathic

b. ischemia

c. high glucose content

Answer: a

15. All of the following are associated with increased cytokines except?

a. IFN gamma

b. IL-5



16. All of the following are true about dengue haemorrhagic fever except?

a. leucopenia

b. relative leucocytosis

c. thrombocytopenia

d. decreased hematocrit

17. All are true about meniere՚s disease except?

a. deafness , vertigo , tinnitus and vomiting are seen

b. tympanic membrane normal

c. inner endolymphatic system normal

Answer: c

18. Most common cause of hyperparathyroidism?

a. parathyroid adenoma

b. parathyroid hyperplasia

c. parathyroid carcinoma

Answer: a

19. A patient presents with seizures , adenoma sebaceum and mental retardation . what is the diagnosis?

a. neurofibromatosis

b. tuberous sclerosis

Answer: b

20. Amiodarone toxicity causes all except?

a. disorders of thyroid function

b. hypertension

c. corneal deposits

d. pulmonary fibrosis

21. Which of the following is wrongly matched?

a. hepatitis B - hepatocellular carcinoma

b. EBV - nasopharyngeal carcinoma

c. HSV 1 - carcinoma cervix

d. HHV 8 - kaposi sarcoma

Answer: c

22. All of the following are true about minimum alveolar concentration regarding isoflurane except?

a. decreases with age

b. decreases in pregnency

c. decreases due to acute alcoholism

d. males have high MAC

Answer: d

23. All of the following are true about postoperative vomiting except?

a. more in males than females

b. more in elderly people

c. more due to thiopentone than propofol

24. Hydrops fetalis is seen in:

a. parvo virus

b. beta thallasemia

25. Constriction band is seen in all except?

a. premature application of forceps

b. oxytocics

c. intrauterine manipulations

d. obstructed labour

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