NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 41 for 2021

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1. Diagnostic criteria for severe aplastic anemia?

a. platelet count less than 20,000

b. absolute eosinophil count less than 500

c. corrected retic count less than 1 %

d. all of the above

Answer: d

2. All of the following are true about herpis zoster oticus except?

a. lower motor nerve palsy

b. purulent labrynthitis

c. vescicle in the external auditory meatus

d. redness of cheek

3. “LUPUS PERNIO” is a feature of?

a. chronic form of sarcoidosis

4. AINHUM involves?

a. toes

b. fingers

c. face

d. abdomen

Answer: a

5. A feature of baby born to a diabetic mother is:

a. hypoglycemia

b . hyponatremia

c. hyophosphotemia

Answer: a

6. Drug of choice in polyhydromnias is:

a. furosemide

b. indomethacin

c. mesoprostol

Answer: a

7. Antoni A and antoni B type of growth seen in?

a. astrocytoma

b. schwannoma

c. meningioma

Answer: b

8. A patient presents erythematous lesions, comedones, cysts, pustules . what is the probable diagnosis?

a. seborrhoea

b. seborrheic dermatitis

c. acne vulgaris

9. Hydrostatic reduction is done in?

a. intussusception

b. megacolon

Answer: a

10. Exposing the muscular part of the fallopian tube and resecting it is part of which of the following procedure?

a. pomeroy

b. irving

c. madlener

11. Which of the following is the most unfavourable in cephalic presentation?

a. occipito anterior

b. occipito posterior

c. face

d. brow

12. All are true about endodermal sinus tumor except?

a. schiller duval bodies are seen

b. it produces AFP

c. germ cell malignant tumor of ovary

d. it occurs in older women

Answer: d

13. Lymphangiosarcoma occurs in?

a. lymphangioma

b. lymphangitis

c. lymphosarcoma

d. lymphedema

Answer: d

14. A person has headaches which wake him up . he has nasal congestion and stuffiness. What is the diagnosis?

a. migraine

b. cluster headache

c. tension headache

d. none

Answer: b

15. Non typhi salmonellosis in children infection - all are true except?

a. gastro colic enteritis

b. due to consumption of poultry related foods

16. Why is multidrug regimen used in tuberculosis?

a. to prevent development of resistance to drugs .

Answer: a

17. Mallory bodies are seen in?

a. wilson՚s disease

b. primary biliary cirrhosis

c. alcoholic cirrhosis

d. all the above

Answer: d

18. Temperature question in SPM?


19. Foldable IOL are made up of?


b. acrylite

Answer: d

20. What is dysphonia plica ventricularis?

a. phonation by false vocal cords .

Answer: a

21. All of the following are true about kerosene poisoning except?

a. gastric lavage is done

Answer: a

22. All of the following are true about malignant hyperthermia except?

a. increased temperature

b. muscle rigidity

c. general anaesthesia with non depolarising muscle relaxant

Answer: c

23. The primary auditory cortex is located in?

a. parietal lobe

b. temporal lobe

Answer: b

24. Greenish urine with …

a. oxalic acid

b. carbolic acid

Answer: b

25. All are true about congenital torticollis except?

a. neck is deviated to the affected side

b. chin is deviated to the affected side

c. surgical manipulation may be required

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