NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 42 for 2019

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1. Antacid which causes constipation ?

a. magnesium hydroxide

b. aluminium hydroxide

2. A patient after undergoing splenectomy are prone to serious infections in ?

a. less than 4 years

b. 4 to 12 years

c. 13 to 30 years

d. more than 30 years

3. Most common cause of umbilical discharge in a new born ?

a. persistent urachus .

Answer: a

4. Coacal opening is seen mostly in ?

a. males only

b. females only

c. both males and females

d. intersex

5. Which of the following most common disorder in children ?

a. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

b. enuresis

6. In rape , which of the following is the most common position of the tear of hymen ?

a. 3'o clock position

b. 5'o clock position

c. 12'o clock position

d. 11'0 clock position

7. The virus which causes haemorrhagic cystitis ?

a. parvo virus

b. adeno virus

8. Which is the ideal gap between two doses of a vaccine ?

a. 4 weeks

b. 6 weeks

c. 8 weeks

d. 2 weeks

Answer: a

9. Ratio of upper to lower half of body in a 3 year old child is ?

a. 1:3

b. 1:5

c. 1:8

d. 1:0

Answer: a

10. Direct mailing is a type of ----?

a. individual approach

b. mass approach

Answer: b

11. The acyl carrier protein ?

a. inside the mitochondria .

b. outside the mitochondria .

Answer: a

12. Drug of choice for toxoplasmosis in pregnancy ?

a. sulfadiazine

b. pyrimethamine

c. both a and b

d. revomycin

13. Neurotransmitter in the postganglionic sympathetic neurons all except ?

a. dopamine

b. acetyl choline


d. histamine

14. Disseminated intravascular coagulation is associated with all except ?

a. placenta previa

b. abruptio placenta

c. intra uterine death

d. amniotic fluid embolism

Answer: a

15. Which of the following signs is seen in acute laryngotracheobronchitis ?

a. steeple sign .

Answer: a

16. All of the following capsules are made up of polysaccarides except ?

a. klebsiella

b. anthrax

Answer: b

17. All are cycloplegic mydriatics except ?

a. atropine

b. homatropine

c. cyclopentolate

d. phenylephrine

Answer: d

18. What is the cause of different expressivity of warfarin ?

a. CYP3A4 .

Answer: a

19. Which of the following is true about airway resistance ?

a. increased in asthma

20. Most common uterine anamoly ?

a. unicornuate bicollis

b. unicornuate unicollis

c. bicornuate bicollis

d. bicornuate unicollis

Answer: d

21. Syme's amputation is done in all of the following except ?

a. diabetic ulcer foot with gangrene

b. madura foot

22. Dorsal mesogastrium forms which of the following ?

a. falciform ligament

b. greater omentum

c. lesser omentum

d. ligamentum teres

Answer: b

23. Cystic fibrosis is associated with most commonly ?

a. meconium ileus

b. meconium plug formation

24. Long duration of unconsciousness postoperatively is due to ?

a. thyrotoxicosis

b. use of volatile anaesthetics

c. hypothermia

d. hyperventilation

25. Treatment of parkinsonism involves ?

a. balancing dopamine and acetylcholine in striatum

b. increased release of dopamine