NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 5 for 2021

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1. Most common causes of perinatal mortality?

a. birth injury

b. intra uterine infection

c. birth asphyxia

Answer: c

2. Not seen in small for date babies?

a. hypoglycemia

b. polycythemia

c. intracranial bleed

Answer: a

3. Diffence of LCIS from invasive carcinoma?

a. age > 40 years

b. incidental detected

c. bilateral

d. histology similar to invasive

Answer: d

4. Which is not having underlying malignancy?

a. paget disease of bone

b. paget disease of nipple

c. paget disease of vulva

d. paget disease of anal region

Answer: a

5. Which is not true about PBC?

a. no increase in risk of hepatocellular carcinoma

Answer: a

6. String sign of kantor seen in?

a. chrons

b. ulcerative colitis

Answer: a

7. Claw sign seen in?

a. intusseption

b. volvulus

Answer: a

8 treatment of hydatid cyst?

a. excision of cyst

b. percutanoeous drainage

c. conservative management

Answer: b

9. Most common site of intra peritoneal abscess?

a. morrison

b. omental bursa

c. pelvic

d. left subhepatic

Answer: c

10. Complete Rx of intussception indicates?

a. free passage of barium in the small intestine

b. passage of faceus and flatus along with barium

c. Improvement of clinical condition

Answer: b

11. Which is false about hydrocele

a. almost always fluid is transudate

b. get above the swelling

c. testis is palpated separate from swelling

d. obscures inguinal hernia

Answer: c

12. Functional brace not used in?

a. fracture neck of femur

b. fracture shaft of femur

c. fracture shaft of tibia

d. fracture shaft of humerus

Answer: a

13. Which of the following is incorrect about scaphoid?

a. most common carpal bone injured

b. non union is complication

c. avascular necrosis of distal part is there

d. x rays to be taken successively after 2 weeks

Answer: c

14. What is true about dequervan tenovaginitis?

a. involvement of extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus

Answer: a

15. What is incorrect about supra condylar fracture of humerus?

a. extension type is common

b. radial nerve is injured

c. cubitus valgus is most common complication

Answer: c

16. Mechanism of action of mini pill?

a. rendering cervical mucus thick

b. inhibiting ovulation

Answer: a

17. Incorrect about internal os of cervix?

a. hegar dilators used

b. most common cause of first trimester abortion

Answer: b

18. Latent period in primigravida is?

a. 2 hours

b. 6 to 8 hours

c. 10 to 12 hours

d. 14 to 16 hours

Answer: b

19. Most reversible method of sterilisation?

a. mini lap

b. pomeroys

c. laparoscopic sterilisation

d. hysteroscopic sterilization

Answer: c

20 Maltese cross in RBC seen in?

a. babesia

b. Entamoeba

Answer: a

21. Which is incorrect about cystic hygroma?

a. brilliantly translucent

b. radiotherapy

c. sclerotherapy with bleomycin

d. sclerotherapy with actinomycin

Answer: b

22. Which of the following is not the cause of macrocytic anaemia?

a. orotic aciduria

b. abetalipoproteinemia

c. Lesh nyhan

d. transcobalamine deficiency

Answer: b

23 . Not the cause of neonatal seizures?

a. pyridoxine deficiency

b. hypokalemia

Answer: b

24. Anti Avidin is?

a. biotin

b. thiamine

Answer: a

25. Which is incorrect about Burkitts lymphoma?

a. High mitotic activity

b. HIgh Apoptotic cell death

c. Small nuclei proliferation

Answer: b

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