NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 6 for 2021

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1. Serious complication of bacterimic shock?

a. causes shock lung

b. decrease peripheral resistance

c. increase cardiac output

d. decrease cardiac output

Answer: a

2. Calcium channel blocker showing affinity to cerebral vessels?

a. nimodipine

Answer: a

3. Chromosome associated with familial polyposis colon?

a. chromosome 5

b. chromosome 6

c. chromosome 11

d. chromosome 13

Answer: a

4. Which of the following is the cause of break of glomerular basement membrane sometimes and sub epithelial deposits in electron microscopy?

a. membranous

b. focal glomerular sclerosis

c. rapidly progressive

d. minimal change

Answer: c

5. Which of the following is not the branch of maxillary branch of internal carotid artery?

a. inferior alveolar

b. middle meningeal

c. anterior tympanic

d. posterior tympanic

Answer: d

6. Which of the following is untrue about calcium homeostastis in chronic renal failure?

a. secondary hyperparathryoidism

b. primary hyperparathyroidism

c. multiple myeloma

Answer: b

7. What is column of bertini in kidney?

a. renal tumour

b. anatomical description given (tongue shape extension)

Answer: b

8. Skeletal muscle most sensitive to tubocurarine?

a. diaphragm

b. Extra ocular

c. muscles of jaw

Answer: b

9. Which is not true about VVF?

a. amenorrhea

b. Hydronephrosis

Answer: b

10. Which of the following leads to cyclical haematuria?

a. vesico uterine fistula

Answer: a

11. Which is correct about this?

a. Sperm production is cyclical

b. Continous Gnrh secretion is essential

c. sertoli cells are important for mitotic and meiotic activity

d. secretion of testosterone from leydig cells depends upon FSH

Answer: c

12. What is the stage of ovarian cancer with b/l with capsule intact, no ascites?

a. IA

b. IB

c. IC

d. II

Answer: b

13. What is epicolic node?

a. node draining colon

b. adjacent to aorta

Answer: b

14. A boy draws triangle but not diamond shape age is?

a. 3 years

b. 4 years

c. 5 years

d. 6 years

Answer: c

15. Which of the following is not included in Human developmental index?

a. Infant mortality rate

b. percapita income

c. life expectancy at birth

d. Education

Answer: a

16. Most common presentation of Meckels diverticulum?

a. Lower GI bleeding

Answer: a

17. Bulging fissure in lung is due to infection?

a. Mycoplasma

b. Klebsiella

Answer: b

18. Which deficiency is seen in alcoholic with dementia?

a. Thiamine

Answer: a

19. Which microorganism is responsible for classical presentation of hydrocephalus, chorio retinitis , intracerebral calcification?

a. Toxoplasmosis

b. Rubella

Answer: a

20. Which defect is not detected by amniocentesis?

a. cystic fibrosis

b. phenyl ketonuria

c. downs syndrome

Answer: b

21. What is the drug of choice of antiepilepsy in porphyria?

a. phenytoin

b. phenobarbitone

c. valproate

d. Clonazepam

Answer: d

22. Which type of porphyria is transmitted as Autosomal recessive?

a. AIP

b. PCT

c. congenital erythropoietic

d. variegate

Answer: c

23. What is aseptic autolysis called?

a. maceration

b. adipocere

c. mummification

Answer: a

24. What is the mechanism of abruption of svt by carotid massage?

a. decrease sympathetic discharge

b. increase parasympathetic discharge to SA node

c. increase parasympathetic discharge to conducting system from SA to AV node

d. ventricular depolarization

Answer: b

25. Which of the following cast has no significance?

a. Hyaline cast

Answer: a

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