NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 7 for 2021

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1. What is the range of proteinuria is microalbuminuria?

a. 30 to 300mg/d

Answer: a

2. Which semicircular canal is stimulated with cold water?

a. lateral scc

b. posterior scc

c. anterior scc

Answer: a

3. Which of the following is associated with renal stones?

a. tiagabine

b. zonasimide

Answer: b

4. In which of the following conditions acetazolamide is not used?

a. epilepsy

b. cirrhosis

Answer: b

5. Which of the following is not the presentation of Extrinsic allergic alveolitis?

a. Bronchial asthma and wheeze

b. B/l reticulo nodular shadows

Answer: a

6. Band shaped keratopathy seen in?

a. JRA

Answer: a

7. Which of the following is incorrect about dubin johnson syndrome?

a. alkaline phosphatase is elevated

Answer: a

8. Systolic murmur in TOF is due to?

a. VSD

b. pulm stenosis

Answer: b

9. Which glycogen storage disease doesn՚t affect muscles?

a. type 1

b. type 2

c. type 3

d. type 4

Answer: a

10. Cholestasis is due to all except?

a. obesity

b. excessive haemolysis

c. high protein diet

d. pregnancy

Answer: c

11. Which is the characteristic lesion of pregnancy?

a. vitiligo

b. pemphigus

c. tinea

d. chloasma

Answer: d

12. A person recently exposed to sex presents with painless granulomatous ulcer with everted edges?

a. primary chancre

b. chancroid

c. LGV

d. Donovanosis

Answer: a

13. Which type of clostridium tetani has no flagella?

a. type 1

b. type 2

c. type 4

d. type 3

Answer: a

14. Specific congenital abnormality associated with DM?

a. caudal regression syndrome

b. VSD

Answer: a

15. Fibrates acts by reducing?

a. chylomicrons


c. LDL

d. HDL

Answer: b

16. Shortest acting benzodiazipine?

a. midazolam

b. lorazepam

Answer: a

17. Severity of Aortic stenosis is determined by?

a. Late ejection systolic murmur

Answer: a

18. MRNA codes for?

a. poly A

b. poly U

c. poly C

d. poly G

Answer: a

19. Which of the following has propensity to metastasize through lymph nodes?

a. alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

b. osteosarcoma

Answer: a

20. Which of the following is not poor prognosis factor in malnutrition?

a. dermatosis

b. hepatomegaly

Answer: a

21. Extended ESI benefit are all except?

a. news paper establishments

b. non power 18 employees

c. non power less than 18 employees

d. small power 10 to 18 employees

Answer: d

22. Which of the following is not seen due to mutiple myeloma?

a. amyloidosis

b. pxoximal tube defect

c. light chains

Answer: b

23. Treatment of vault prolapse?

a. sacral colpoplexy

Answer: a

24. Not a contraindication for external cephalic version?

a. breech presentation

Answer: a

25. Not a leading cause of DIC in pregnancy?

a. eclampsia

b. abruptio placenta

c. Heart disease

Answer: c

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