NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 9 for 2021

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1. Which is incorrect about meigs syndrome?

a. hydrothorax

b. ascites

c. chylothorax

d. resolution of hydrothorax after the removal of ovarian fibroma

Answer: c

2. Which of the following is drug of choice for Hypertension who is non diabetic and has good renal function … ?

a. beta blockers

b. calcium channel blockers

c. ACE inhibitors

Answer: a

3. Which is incorrect about sensorineural deafness?

a. Webers test lateralised to better ear

b. Rinne՚s test positive

c. Inability to listen properly in loud voices

d. There is bone-air gap

Answer: d

4. Which of the following arises from the nasal septum and friable and bleeds on touch?

a. polyp

b. Rhinophyma

c. Rhinoscleroma

d. Rhinosporidiosis

Answer: d

5. Which of the following is associated with severe edema in children?

a. glottic

b. sub glottic

c. supraglottic

d. epiglottic

Answer: b

6. Which of the following is not done for a 10 month old child of inhaled foreign body?

a. Helminch manouvere

b. Rescue breathing

c. Back blow and chest compression

d. Tongue lift and jaw thrust

Answer: a

7. Which of the following is not a granulomatous condition?

a. opthalma nodosum

b. follicular conjunctivitis

Answer: b

8. The flourescein angiogram of the eye was shown in the diagram and asked what is the Pathology?

a. macular edema


c. small leaks from the vessels

Answer: B/C

9. Which of the following doesn՚t include biophysical profile?

a. fetal movements

b. amniotic fluid

c. fetal weight

Answer: c

10. Which of the following is correct about progesterone?

a. uterine relaxation

b. inhibits LH

Answer: b

11. Which is correct about vaso praevia? A: false R: true

Assertion: mother develops hypotension and shock

reason: loss of blood belongs to fetus

12. A pregnant woman develops sensory disturbance along the palmar aspect of hand , what is the important diagnostic test?

a. nerve study and electromyogram

b. fasting blood sugar and Post Lunch blood sugar levels

c. X ray of the hand.

Answer: a

13. A pregant woman in third trimester develops swelling of feet and breathlessness and initially she got treated with oxygen, . . What is the next step?

a. doppler and give heparin if positive

b. CT scan

c. V/Q scan … give heparin if positive

d. heparin to be given now and wait for the radiology

Answer: c

14. A diagram was given and asked to identify the diameter of measurement of the pelvis … ?

a. diagonal conjugate

b. posterior sagittal diameter

c. interspinous diameter

Answer: a

15. Which of the following is incorrect about the following statement?

a. Folate administration in early pregnancy doesn՚t prevent neural tube defects

Answer: a

16. Osteochondritis dessicans occurs in?

a. knee

b. elbow

c. head of femur

d. ankle

Answer: a

17. Viscera are preserved in?

a. normal saline

b. saturated solution of salt

c. formalin

Answer: b

18. Contributory negligence is contributed by?

a. patient

b. doctor

c. paramedic staff

d. hospital

Answer: a

19. Which of the following is correct?

1. relationship of body parts of fetus with each other

2. relation ship of which part of the fetus occupies the lower part of the uterus

3. relation ship of the part of the fetus with maternal pelvis.

a. attitude, presentation , postion

b. position, presentation, attitude

c. presentation, attitude, position

d, attitue, position, presentation

Answer: a

20. A diagram of cystocoele, enterocoele and rectocoele was given, … so try to be perfect with definitions …

21. Which of the following artery can be palpated on zygomatic arch?

a. superficial temporal

b. inferior orbital

Answer: a

22. Which of the following deficiencies are not associated with neurological manifestations?

a. Thiamine

b. Niacin

c. Vitamin B 12

d. Folic acid

Answer: d

23. Which of the following follows starlings law?

a. preload and stroke volume

b. afterload and stroke volume

c. after load and end diastolic volume

Answer: a

24. In which portion of the nephron potassium secretion commences?

a. Thick ascending loop of Henle

b. distal convuluted tubule

c. Collecting duct

Answer: a

25. Descending corticospinal tracts descends in?

a. posterior limb of internal capsule

b. white matter of dorsal part of spinal cord

Answer: a

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