AIIMS PG Solved Paper 1999 (Part 10 of 20)

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  1. All the following anatomical changes will predispose to primary angle closure glaucoma except

    1. small cornea

    2. flat cornea

    3. anterior chamber shallow

    4. short axial length of eye ball

    Answer: b

  2. In a hypertensive patient with glaucoma which of the following is not used

    1. Dipivefrine

    2. Beta blockers

    3. alpha agonist

    4. laser trabeculoplasty

    Answer: a

  3. A patient complains of evening halos and occasional head aches for some months. On examination anterior chamber of both the eyes are shallow and the intra ocular pressure is normal. This condition represents what stage of glaucoma

    1. constant instability

    2. prodrome

    3. absolute

    4. acute

    Answer: b

  4. A five year old child presents with mild proptosis and loss of vision of one eye. On examination

    1. direct pupillary

    2. optic disc angioma

    3. optic nerve glioma

    4. optic sheath meningioma

    Answer: b

  5. A 48year old lady presents with unilateral mild axial proptosis. There is no history of redness or pain. Which of the following is the most appropriate investigation

    1. CT scan to rule out meningioma

    2. USG to rule out orbital pseudotumor

    3. T3 and T4 measurement to rule out thyrotoxicosis

    4. Thyroid scan

    Answer: c

  6. Ramesh 60 years, presents with generalized bone pain. On examination there is elevated ESR of 100mm, serum globulin 7, lytic lesions in the skull, serum creatinine of 3.5mg/dL and serum calcium of 11mg/dL. What is the most likely diagnosis

    1. WaldenstroM'smacroglobulinemia

    2. Multiple myeloma

    3. Hyperparathyroidism

    4. none

    Answer: b

  7. Blood turbulence is increased in which of the following situations

    1. Multiple myeloma

    2. lukemia

    3. polycythemia

    4. anemia

    Answer: d

  8. Serum alkaline phosphatase in increased in which of the following diseases

    1. osteoporosis

    2. Paget's disease

    3. hypoparathyroidism

    4. Multiple myeloma

    Answer: b

  9. 76 year old man presents with lytic lesions in the vertebra. X ray skull showed multiple punched out lesions. The most likely diagnosis

    1. Multiple myeloma

    2. hyperparathyroidism

    3. both

    4. none

    Answer: a

  10. Basanti, an 8 year old girl, presents with recent onset of genu valgum and difficulty in walking. On X-ray examination there is metaphyseal widening and osteoporosis. Investigations showed a serum calcium of 11mg/dL, serum phosphorus of 2.5 mg/dL and Alkaline Phosphatase of 30KAU. PTH was elevated The possible cause is

    1. Hypophosphatemic rickets

    2. nutritional rickets

    3. primary hyperparathyroidism

    4. azotemic renal dystrophy

    Answer: n/a